Interview: Emun Elliott, actor and star of The Paradise

interview: emun elliott, actor and star of the paradise

AFTER flying spaceships for Ridley Scott, fighting the undead with Sean 
 Bean and learning the value of holding your tongue - before someone else decides to do it for you - on medieval fantasy drama Game of Thrones, finding time to drop by Portobello sounds like mission impossible.
Not so, says Emun Elliott, 
Edinburgh-born star of new BBC drama The Paradise, set in the late 19th century and adapted in a new north-east of England setting from the classic French novel by Emile Zola.
Work commitments might have seen the 28-year-old drift south – he now lives in London – but he relies on regular visits to his family home to keep his spirits up.
“I love bringing people up... read more

22 September 2012 in Lifestyle, Views: 93
Source: Scotsman

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