M5 crash: First pictures show carnage of fatal lorry and coach smash

m5 crash: first pictures show carnage of fatal lorry and coach smash

Police confirmed a fatality following the incident shortly after 6am on Saturday.Dozens of others have been taken to hospital with injuries, with some reports suggesting more than 30 individuals have been affected by the smash.
Eyewitnesses reported seeing the coach being hit from behind by the lorry near a services stop between junctions three and four.
At the time of the crash, conditions in the area were said to be foggy in patches and it took place on a stretch of the highway that is currently undergoing roadworks.
The motorway remains closed between junctions three and four and drivers are advised to use other routes, such as the M42 and the M6.
The West Midlands Ambulance Service... read more

24 March 2012 in Hot News, Views: 5
Source: Metro

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