Only in the Black Country! Horse and trap visit the cashpoint

only in the black country! horse and trap visit the cashpoint

Hold your horses – that’s not something you see every day. Grandfather-of-two Ken Higginson was left feeling a little unstable after finding himself queuing behind this fine four-legged animal at a cashpoint.
He had gone to the Murco Petrol Station, in Gospel Oak Road, Tipton, to withdraw money ahead of a trip to Blackpool when he saw the horse with two men. And the 79-year-old couldn’t resist the opportunity to take a picture.
“I looked up and I was amazed,” said Mr Higginson, from Oval Road in Tipton.
“I’ve never been behind a horse in a queue for a cash machine that’s for sure.
“I asked the men for permission to take a picture and they didn’t mind.”
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14 August 2012 in Regional West, Views: 1

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