Statue will celebrate Wirral's Viking heritage

statue will celebrate wirral's viking heritage

By Geoff Barnes WIRRAL'S deeply-embedded links with its Viking heritage will take solid shape with the erection of an 8ft high Viking warrior at a local park next year.
Campaigners have secured local authority approval for the venture. Now they must raise £40,000 for a bronze figure of Viking leader Ingimund to be sculpted and put in place in Meols Park.
The unveiling next summer will coincide with the maiden voyage of Viking longship Dragon Harald Fairhair which will retrace the sea voyage taken by the Vikings from Scandinavia to Instanbul.
Wirral Viking expert Professor Stephen Harding will help in the design of the statue which sculptor Stephen Hitchin has been commissioned to... read more

30 July 2012 in Regional North West , Views: 3
Source: Wirral Globe

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