Steve Carell requires regular hip jabs

steve carell requires regular hip jabs

Comedian Steve Carell has to undergo regular pain injections in his hip to treat an old ice hockey injury.
The Crazy, Stupid, Love star has been treating the ailment with twice-yearly medical shots ever since high school, and the 50 year old fears he will eventually need to have hip replacement surgery.
He tells U.S. talk show host David Letterman, "My hip is not so good. I was a goalie in hockey and apparently goalies are prone to these specific hip injuries, so I had to have these injections. It's called orthovisc because it (the hip bone) just grinds against each other (sic)... I think I will (have to have it replaced)."
In the meantime, Carell has to endure uncomfortable... read more

14 March 2013 in Entertainment, Views: 16
Source: Orange News

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