Tammam Azzam's Kiss: an unromantic commentary on the the Syrian conflict

tammam azzam's kiss: an unromantic commentary on the the syrian conflict

A kiss for the whole world … Tammam Azzam's version of the Klimt masterpiece. Photograph courtesy of the artist and Ayyam Gallery Love is the drug for the best and most effective political art. The powerful and hilarious Berlin Wall graffiti picture that showed a fraternal kiss between Communist leaders Leonid Brezhnev and Erich Honecker became a world-famous work of dissenting art. Banksy emulated its cheek in his mural Kissing Coppers. Now the Syrian artist Tammam Azzam has enlisted one of the greatest kisses in art to protest against his country's suffering in a war watched passively by the outside world.
Azzam has Photoshopped Gustav Klimt's painting The Kiss against a war-ravaged... read more

4 February 2013 in World News, Views: 49
Source: Guardian

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