US tourists tell story of 'miracle' survival after swimming for 14 hours to safety after deep sea fishing boat sinks in rough seas off St Lucia

Two American tourists have recounted a remarkable story of survival against the odds after swimming for 14 hours when their deep-sea fishing boat sank in the Caribbean.
Dan Suski, a 30-year-old business owner and IT expert from San Francisco, and his sister Kate Suski, a 39-year-old architect from Seattle, were stranded after their boat sank in rough seas off St Lucia.
Mr Suski had been attempting to land a 200lb marlin with help from his sister when the boat began to take on water.
He was still trying to reel in the fish when water rushed into the cabin and flooded the engine room, prompting the captain to radio for help as he yelled out their coordinates.
As water flowed into the cabin... read more

26 April 2013 in World News, Views: 139

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