Video: Keith the seal grabs a bite to eat in Bewdley

video: keith the seal grabs a bite to eat in bewdley

KEITH the seal has been snapped eating her lunch in Bewdley by a young wildlife watcher.
The relaxed-looking seal was caught on camera on Friday by seven-year-old Coco Moretti while the usually sea-bound mammal playfully chewed on a fish in the river Severn.
Keith has caused a stir with Worcestershire wildlife fans since she was first spotted splashing around in Diglis back in November.
She has since been sighted at several locations along the county's waterways, including Upton, Stourport and Bewdley.
Katie Marshall, of Kidderminster, who also saw Keith on Friday, said: “We were eating our chips and he popped up with his dinner. It was great.”
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9 January 2013 in Regional West, Views: 169

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