Shipping glass bottles has always been a challenge, as this material is very expensive and sensitive to damage. When not packed properly, glass pallets are susceptible to be the source of a great loss in goods. Excessive movements during transport can cause pallets to lose individual bottles and can result in catastrophic pallet collapse. This then causes customer frustration, clean-up costs, unnecessary additional transport and costs for redelivery.

How can you reduce damage when transiting glass containers?

Loadhog’s Smartpad bespoke design significantly improves the overall load stability and prevents the collapse of pallets during transportation, storage and filling. Made from recycled material, this innovative, contoured, reusable plastic layer pad was designed for glass loads and offers both environmental and costs benefits.

With its innovative wave-edge, the Smartpad actively encourages bottles to migrate towards the centre when subjected to vibrations during automated handling and transit and keep them from falling towards each other and breaking.

When using the Smartpad, your transport efficiency will also be improved by maximising the number of bottles on each layer, thus reducing your CO2 emissions and your general carbon impact.

With a proven product longevity of 100+ trips and its suitability for recycling, the Smartpad is the perfect option for your company to implement long-term processes and strive towards sustainability while improving its global efficiency.

Putting an end to breakage is not only possible but can also be achieved while making your processes greener and more profitable. Our Smartpad solution offers important CO2 savings, eliminates corrugated plastic & reduces drastically the number of fallen bottles and collapsed pallets during transport making it the most eco-friendly & intelligent glass bottle good packaging system.

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