An Amazon Virtual Assistant is a person who works remotely and handles Amazon store management tasks. You can have your Assistant do any chores, such as product hunting, listing, optimization of listing, sourcing, and ranking, along with account maintenance.

Now you must be wondering, why do you need one?

Amazon is continuously becoming more and more competitive for sellers and more and more ideal for customers. It is not easy to survive in a competitive market without an experienced VA professional on your side.

Besides, they work remotely, so no office cost. And they are much cheaper than a conventional assistant. But they are highly skilled and professional as compared to a traditional Assistant that helps in small tasks.

Why do I need to hire a Virtual Assistant?

If you are still unsure whether to hire a virtual assistant, then we have given some questions following that you should ask yourself. 

  1. Are you getting complaints and low ratings due to late or no customer support service?
  2. Are you spending most of your day and energy on things that are very small and not worth your time, like replying to questions and checking on fulfillment and inventory?
  3. Are you so busy doing day-to-day tasks that you don’t have any time for your business development and growth?
  4. Are you feeling like you are working as an employee and not as a CEO for your company?

Suppose your answer is YES to any of the above questions. In that case, you probably should consider hiring a VA because a VA can help you with tasks that consume all your day. They can help you in doing work that requires extreme attention and experience, such as running PPC. The last thing you want for your business is to spend money on useless things.

And the thing with hiring Virtual Employees is that they can be more flexible and cheap than an average employee.

How can an Amazon Virtual Assistant help me?

A Virtual Assistant can help you with the following tasks.

Listing Creation and Optimization:

Your VA can help you create an attractive listing with beautifully written bullet points, titles, and descriptions. But the engaging text isn’t everything, IS it? They can also help you optimize your Content, including SEO-optimized listing, well-shot pictures, and lifestyle and infographic images.

Competitor Analysis:

 It is imperative in any business to do thorough competitor research and analysis. Because this can help you decide many things such as the product you want to sell, its color, its size, and its price. Moreover, a good VA can also help you know the market trend and where it is going.

EBC Content / A+ Content:

IF you think the regular listing is not enough and you have more pictures and videos to showcase. Then you should explore the EBC/A+ Content. It will give you more space to add text/ pictures and videos. It can increase the attractiveness of your listing and give you more room further to optimize your listing in terms of both beauty and presentation.

Customer Support Services:

If a business is increasing, that means your clients are also growing and vice versa. That means now you have more work to do. You can hire an Amazon virtual assistant to keep your customers happy so that you may get more business from them in the future. And it can give a boost to your reviews and ratings.

Account Maintenance:

If you have completed all the steps above, now what is left to do is maintenance. You have a good business, good and loyal clients. Now you can relax. But can you? Because you still have to order new inventory from your supplier ad track and fulfill your orders while keeping your customers happy. You can hire a VA who manages all that while you relax and enjoy your life.

Above mentioned things are just a few examples of what you can ask your VA to do. You can have your VA manage marketing for your brand, whether Facebook ads or Google ads or even Amazon PPC. There are many things in which your VA can help you in.

What skills should I look for in a VA?

Every VA is different, and they can have different skills sets. So you should write down the skills you need in a VA and then look for that specific skills in VA. But at minimum, they should have experience with Amazon Seller Central.

Training and past experience is not everything. One should be Hard Working, Disciplined and Honest. Because without these traits, you cannot expect to have a good VA these skills. 

How to find these Professional Amazon Virtual Assistants?

There are many ways to find and hire Professional VA’s, but the best one is to hire through an Agency so that you can hope to get one of the best talents. Also, in case you don’t like the VA, you can easily ask the agency to replace your VA. 

These Agencies have trained individuals and provide training on their end to ensure the best quality of work is offered as their reputation is on the line. They make sure that their VA is ready to handle tasks in real life before handing them over to the clients.

You can ask the agency to give you a list of candidates who have a specific skill set. They will provide you with the list of candidates, and you can see interview the candidates yourself to see if they have the skills you need and the attitude of a professional.

You can prepare a list of questions that you may want to ask during an interview or even a test task that you may want to give the shortlisted candidates to choose the best one out of all.

How much does a VA charge?

A VA for basic data entry tasks can charge you between 5-15 $ per hour, and a professional one for complicated tasks can quickly charge between 20-50$ per hour. But you can lower down the cost if you hire part-time or full-time to suit your budget. You can even hire a person for a specific task to lower down the budget even more.

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