In countries all over the world, billboard advertising has been a constant place for brands to advertise their products and get them in front of large numbers of people. However, with the advertising landscape constantly changing, billboard advertising has had to adapt as well. Here is how billboard advertising has evolved to keep abreast with modern advertising trends.

Adapting to New Technology

As with many other advertising formats, billboards have embraced new technology to help them meet the changing market.

Many traditional billboards have been replaced with digital screens that can display many different ads in one day. This increases the billboard ads that can be purchased and can now be shown in many areas at the same time.

The bright digital displays are also more eye-catching than the traditional billboards.

Enabling Real-Time Adjustment

Billboards are sometimes placed near shopping centers and entertainment venues. The new digital billboards make it possible to show targeted ads that will appeal to those attending the venue or shopping.

This means brands that want to target a certain demographic can do so according to where the billboard is placed and what event is happening at the time.

Placement of Billboards

One way that billboards can be more influential than other forms of advertising is in the placement of the ads.

They are able to be placed at bus stops, benches, and other areas where many people congregate.

Because people are not so bothered by OOH advertising, they are more inclined to look and take in what they are seeing.

In 2019, 25.8% of people used adblockers on their digital devices, this number is rising each year. This means that advertising spaces such as billboards will be seen by more people on average than they would on a digital device.

Interactive Displays

Billboards can be more than simply a display for advertising, they can now help people interact with brands.

By adding a QR code to the display ad, customers can scan and see the website of the brand. This gives them an instantaneous way of seeing products and perhaps making a purchase.

Interactive ads also have more of an impression on customers, especially if they are shown near the store that is being advertised.

Using New Design Trends

With people’s lives getting faster and their attention span getting shorter, advertisers now typically only have a few seconds to make an impression.

This means they need to convey the message they want to get across in a simple yet effective way.

Modern advertising uses bold colours and simple yet catchy text to capture a person’s attention albeit briefly.

Billboards are also using these techniques to show ads to people speeding past on motorways and on trains.

Final Thoughts

So, this is how billboard advertising has evolved to keep abreast with modern advertising trends. However, with advertising and customers’ habits changing all the time, billboards will need to continue to evolve to meet the new demands. There are many reasons to suggest that billboards will always have a place in a marketing strategy.

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