Personalization is key to any business and by investing correctly and working on personalizing your business you will benefit in many areas. A few of these areas include brand loyalty, customer engagement, improved return of investment and improved customer retention. To help you understand more about these points, we are going to look more closely at how they can help your business. Below are four reasons personalization is key to distinguishing your company. 

Brand Loyalty 

Once a customer has bought from you or used your service they are already aware of you. To keep you in their mind, you want to be personal and have a personalized approach to keep your brand fresh in their minds. This could be done with personalized emails, envelope printing where you customize your letters to send them unique offers, or send personalized ads to them. By making them feel like you are speaking to them directly, they will feel valued and want to come back to you in the future.

Customer Engagement 

If you treat your customers well, they will enjoy engaging with you. The more they engage the more likely a level of loyalty will be created with your brand. When putting out certain advertisements they will share these with their friends, or engage with you on social media leaving a like or a comment.

Improve customer retention 

Following on from the above, if customers are engaged with you, the likelihood is they will remember you and come back when they require your services. This means your customer retention will be better, instead of them moving onto a competitor. When personalizing your approach, it brings a certain authenticity to your brand. When you personalized something for a customer such as with a company like you are likely to be remembered for it. In every approach you make within your business you should be thinking about how personalized your approach is, and whether customers will feel a sense of connection with you. When you are successful with your personalization, you will find you connect with them on an individual level, instead of them feeling that it is just a big marketing ploy. 

Improved Customer Experience 

With social media being a big factor to everyday life, we have never been connected. This means that good and bad experiences with companies can easily be shared, with bad comments having a negative effect whilst good relationships having a positive effect. Every customer likes to feel valued and feel like they have had a positive experience when using your service. What better way to make them feel more valued than by personalizing your approach with them. When they receive mail in the post, customize it with information that they will feel is useful to them – use their name, mention the product they purchased. If you are sending an email ad out, don’t just send a generic one, segment your email list so that the correct customers are receiving the correct information. 

Above are just four points to why personalization is key to distinguish your company. What other reasons do you think it’s key? Are there any thoughts you would like to share on the above point? Let us know in the comment box below. 

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