Storing Items When Moving Made Easy: The Ultimate Guide

Moving from one place to another is undeniably hard. Not only will it bring you so much emotion, but it is also physically straining to pack up your items and store them in a safe place while you’re busy on your big move. 

If you feel like everything’s a mess, don’t worry! Here’s an ultimate guide in storing your items when you’re moving out.

Start Removing Items Before Packing

The first step in storing items before moving is to decide which items you want to store. You may not realise it, but you have unnecessary items accumulated over time. Going through them will save you time and space for packing, organising, and unloading them. You’ll thank yourself later for purging all of your items.

Sell, Dispose, or Donate

Now that you sorted out items you don’t need, there may be someone out there who can make use of them. If the items are still in mint condition, you can post them up for sale on online selling sites like eBay or Facebook Market. This is a good way to have some cash at hand before moving out. If you don’t feel like selling them, you can also donate some items to charity or non-profit organisations. 

Create an Inventory List

You must create an inventory list of the items you’ll be storing in your storage unit for the long or short term. An inventory list also comes in handy when you’ve forgotten what items you stored in your storage unit. Make sure to have a digital copy of your list just in case your physical copy got lost and for easier access.

Book Your Moving Day in Advance

Booking your moving day in advance is ideal as you can prepare everything without rushing. Moving requires a helping hand – booking in advance allows you more time to call your friends and check their availability to help you move items in the storage unit. 

Prepare the Right Packing Materials

When it comes to packing your items, you need to have sturdy and quality-made materials. If you’re packing your items for storage, you need to have various stack boxes, pentel pens for labelling boxes, bubble wrap to cover fragile items, protective coverings, and packing tape. Never use plastic bags for storage because they don’t protect your items enough. 

Are you an avid collector? Here’s how to store and protect your prized collections!

Know What and What Not to Pack

Before packing your items, dismantle the large ones to create more space in the box or storage unit. You must also know what items can be and can’t be packed. You should never pack valuable items (documents, jewellery, expensive items, etc.), hazardous items (flammables, explosives, drugs, etc.), and items that produce odour. 

On the other hand, you can pack clothes, furniture, electronics, mattresses, and other appliances for storage. Just make sure to secure them properly in their respective boxes to preserve their quality over time. 

Check Your Storage Unit Space

Another crucial step before packing your items is to double-check the storage unit you booked if it has enough space. That’s why an inventory list is a must in situations like these. Take a look at your inventory list and have a rough estimate of the boxes you’ll be storing. 

Is the storage space good enough? Do you need more decluttering? or do you need to get a larger unit? If you’re moving anywhere in the UK, you can easily rent a self storage unit in Sussex so you can have enough space for your needs. 

You may also need to check if the storage unit is climate-controlled. A storage unit with climate control technology saves you time from packing added protection on your belongings.

Ready to Move?

Now that you got a glimpse of the essential steps in storing items, it’s time to get moving! Remember that the condition of your items will depend on how you securely pack them. Have fun packing!

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