What’s the difference between Windows and Linux-based VPS servers? That’s one of the most frequently asked questions. However, even “Windows VS Linux” titles look intriguing, Time4VPS offers an innovative way to look at it. After almost 18 years in the hosting market, professionals reveal what actually works while making a conscious OS decision. Ready?

Innovative attitude

Time4VPS offers the idea that there is no universal or the best choice for everyone. Therefore, all of those “versus” guides aren’t that effective. Data security center’s owners reveal that today with any plan, you can get maximum data security and 99,98% of the uptime.

Experts invited to look at the OS choice through the prism of:

  • Your actual needs
  • Business type
  • IT skills

Cheap Windows VPS can be as good as Linux and Cloud Linux Alternatives and vice versa. Experts note that both services have relatively the same technical specifications. There is no magic – their performance is equally effective. So how would you know which option is best for you?

Windows OS

Windows brand became a household name a while ago, so there is no surprise that many new products are compatible with this OS. A familiar interface makes it easier to navigate the system, install the apps and add-ons. Time4VPS community members say that some small admin jobs are easy, even for those who aren’t that skilled in IT.

Why is it easier to use a system for ones not mainly working in IT fields? Basically, it feels and looks like the Windows systems on their daily used devices. You can choose Windows-based VPS for various reasons: hosting a website, creating a secure internal communication system, or storing bid data.

Linux OS

Even though most technical parameters are more or less the same, hosting experts name one difference. Linux kernel is utterly separate from the node and could be customized freely. Yet, if you want to make full use of that freedom, you must have some skills in programming. While Windows has that feeling of familiarity, Linux means you’ll have to feel confident using command lines.

Who would make the most use of Linux OS? Time4VPS suggests it as the best option for developers, programmers, designers.

It’s not the best-in-the-World OS competition – you can win your personal fights with either. Evaluate your actual needs and skills. Oh, and look for the hosts that can offer the best plan for you, not the ultimate solution to everyone’s expectations.

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