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If you are looking for the biggest paying slots (and not the highest paying slot s- that’s an entirely different subject!), then the best games to look out for are progressive slots.

All reputable online casinos that the UK Gambling Commission licenses will offer a comprehensive library of progressive games. Most of the time, progressive slots are supplied by a select few gaming providers, these include Microgaming, Netent, Red Tiger and Playtech. On this page, we aim to fully explain everything you should know about progressive slots, to help you understand their mechanics and what to expect when you play them for real money.

What Are Progressive Slot Machines?

Progressive slots allow you to win vast prize pools. With a regular online slot machine, the maximum amount of money you can win is ‘fixed’ to a certain amount. Amounts vary from slot to slot, but with a progressive online slot machine, it changes. In fact, it is changing by the second, creeping up ever higher because all players contribute to the prize money on every spin they make.

Progressive online slots work as such:

1. You play the game.

2. A small % of the money that you use to spin the reels contributes to the prize pool, allowing it to grow bigger and bigger.

3. One person/player will win the prize pool. When they do, the jackpot will reset to start growing again until another person wins it. And it just repeats this way.

The wonderful thing about progressive slots is that you do not need to worry about where you are playing online. All online casinos which offer the game will have the jackpot ‘linked’. This means that you can play at a site which tickles your fancy, be that new uk slot site, a casino betting site, or fully-fledged gambling sites) as opposed to one that is just popular or new. The more people playing the progressive slot machine, the more money goes into the pot.

How you can win on the slot will vary from game to game. For example, some games will ask you to spin a reel where you could hit the jackpot randomly. Other games include some entertaining features to lead you to the jackpot, such as a free spins game or a click and pick feature. It doesn’t matter too much how you can win it. It is still random at the end of the day; it just changes how much fun you can have with the type of slot you play.

Can You Really Win That Much Money?

Yes, it is true, you really can win millions of pounds on certain games and slots, though we realise that we have made that sound simple. The chances of you winning the jackpot are minimal. However, to borrow a catchphrase from The National Lottery, “you have to be in it to win it”. One person will win it, but many won’t.

Just because the chances of winning the large jackpot are low, it does not mean that progressive slots will not have other ways in which you can win in the game.

For example, the Mega Moolah slot has several progressive jackpots. Four of them, to be exact. It is easier to win some cash from the smaller progressives than the main “mega” jackpot. In addition, progressive slots will function just like any other slot in the world, with a couple of extra bonuses thrown in there for good measure, and wins can be landed. They just might not be the main jackpot, though.

It is worth noting that many of the top progressive slots are high volatility. This means that you should expect more significant wins when you play, but they will not come that frequently. They need to ensure that enough money is going into that big pot so that people can win large sums. If you wish to stand a chance of winning the top jackpot, try to bet around the minimum. This way, you can keep the spins coming in, getting ever closer to that big win at the end of the day.

What Are the Most Popular Progressive Slot Machines?

What has always surprised us is just how popular progressive slots are. There are dozens upon dozens of progressive slots out there. Many of them have prizes in the millions of pounds. However, there are two which stand out from the crowd and have done for over a decade:

Mega Moolah Slot (Microgaming)

This is our favourite progressive slot. This is because it tends to have the highest prize. In addition to this, there are several smaller progressives that you can win. The reason why it is our favourite, however, is the fact that it is a low-volatility slot. This means that smaller wins do come in quite fast. This is very handy because your chances of winning the Mega Moolah jackpot go up the more you bet per spin, so you do want to be gambling a lot on each spin.

Mega Fortune Slot (Netent)

Mega Fortune from NetEnt is also immensely popular. The progressive jackpot on this game often tops out at a bit over 5 million pounds. This is a high-volatility slot, so you must learn how to manage your bankroll correctly. The game’s theme is brilliant, too; it’s retro with a Monte Carlo vibe. If you are new to the world of progressive online slots, we recommend you check out at least one of these two games.

Daily Must Fall Jackpots

Lastly, Daily Must Fall slots aren’t just “one” slot, but a series of slot games from Pragmatic play that are so popular we thought they are worth a mention. Instead of traditional progressive jackpots as mentioned above, these games, labelled “Must Fall” or “Must Drop” slot, offer progressive prize pools in the same sense but are programmed to “drop” every 24 hours (or when a maximum jackpot amount is reached). Whilst the sum may be smaller than the well-known games mentioned above, Must Fall Daily Jackpots are fun to play because you know a progressive jackpot will be won within a short amount of time. Daily Must Fall jackpots are incredibly popular and are available at most uk slot sites, so they are not hard to find. Just make sure before you play, you only join UK licensed sites to ensure maximum safety and security.

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