Peppered with adjustability, Standing Desks stand you in good stead in 7 healthy ways

Like a vibrant rainbow, a Standing Desk is laced with 7 stand-out spectrums of care and comfort. That’s why a Standing Desk is a wonderful option if you want to work for long hours without feeling fatigued.

Firstly, Standing Desks are designed with an element of care and comfort to suit all body shapes and sizes. Secondly, they help in improving your posture and heal back and neck pains. Thirdly, they facilitate a fit and healthy body, which, in-turn, fosters a healthy and thoughtful mind. Furthermore, they help you maintain focus at work, be it office or work-from-home (WFH).

Just think over the possibility of adjusting your workstation according to your body shape and size. That’s exactly what a Standing Desk offers to a user. So it goes without saying that if you want to work longer, you have to opt for an ergonomic Standing Desk.

Let’s go deeper into the 7 benefits of using a Standing Desk. 

  1. Perfect Posture

A perfect posture is the hallmark of a gallant warrior. A slouch hardly wins a conquest. That’s because being upright prepares you for the rigours of life. With an ergonomically designed Standing Desk, you can view the monitor from about 20 inches from the face. The recommended distance!

What’s more, Standing Desks allow you to bend your arms at 100 degrees, while the wrists can hover above the keyboard. Add to that a dash of regularity, and you’ve evolved into a perfectly postured professional, with strong legs, open shoulders, and a straight neck.

  • A gateway to fitness

Being a couch potato helps neither at home nor at work! While this is tongue-in-cheek, it’s an acknowledged truth that standing burns more calories than sitting – roughly twice more. And the more calories you burn, the more likely is the possibility of you having a rejuvenated mind.

With a Standing Desk as your companion at the workplace, you’re likely to emerge as a fit and healthy winner at the professional front. Don’t forget that a fit workforce is the most coveted asset for any organisation. It helps you to be on the proverbial toes all the time.

Hypertension, cardiovascular problems, and diabetes can easily be avoided if you burn more calories for prolonged periods. This is a boon for WFH professionals as well. It would not be an understatement to say that by providing Standing Desks to employees, organisations can reduce their medical bills in the long-run.

  • Helps in beating sluggishness

It’s a global consensus among orthopaedic experts and physiotherapists that the more you stand the, more likely you are to stay energised. Obviously, regular movements at the Standing Desk throughout the day lead to alertness of mind. Instead of sitting and toiling at the workstation, it’s far more rewarding to stand and work for some time. And you transform into a charged-up and smart-worker.

Being a smart worker helps you at the personal front as well as you become more equipped to tackling challenges in all spheres of life. If corporate quests bog you down, a Standing Desk sends you hurtling into action.

  • Kills Back Pain

How a Standing Desk wipes-off back pain is ingenuity personified. Distinguishingly, it’s adjustable. It’s optimally padded; has an adjustable seat based on height and width; and is equipped with lumbar support. Gnawing backaches will not pinch you anymore if you opt for a Standing Desk.

Backed by a healthy back is something not everyone is blessed with. Always keep in mind that it’s keeping you ahead of competition. Soothingly, a Standing Desk is your ideal back-mate in times of extended sessions at the workstation.  

  • Preserves the wristy flair

Have some mercy on those wrists. They’re overstrained and over-pained by continual wrong positioning while working on the laptop. Glad tidings for your wrists, a Standing Desk keeps them at a comfortable 90-100-degree angle. Ergonomically speaking, raising the comfort bar raises your accuracy on the keyboard. Type fast and accurate while maintaining your wristy flair! 

  • Keeps Circulation Going

Life’s a work-in-progress sans stagnation. The moment we become inactive our blood circulation slows down. And that’s a recipe for physical and mental disaster. Sarcastically speaking, why die a premature death. And a Standing Desk is designed to make your blood flow unhindered.

Yes, standing and working with periodic leg stretches, neck movements, and shoulder stretches will make you a toughened contender in the daily battles of attrition in life. Blood is the essence of our physical constitution, and keeping it in a constant flow is vital to our healthy existence. Again, it’s circulation is guaranteed by choosing to work at a Standing Desk.

  • Boosts Your Mood and Focus

Had Alexander sat all the time, he wouldn’t have conquered unimaginable territories! He mostly stood on the turf and charted new routes. Constant standing made him more focused and confident. Why miss an opportunity to be a veritable Alexander if your ally, the Standing Desk, is geared up to let you stand with ease?

When you stand and work, of-course with relaxing breaks and unwinding, you tend to channelize more energy towards creativity and productivity. Standing also helps in taming those mental demons which bare fangs in the form of anxiety, lull, and low self-esteem. At the workplace, or even during WFH, it’s highly recommended that you shed the laze of the couch.


Looking at the aforementioned benefits, it’s highly imperative that we use Standing Desks in offices and during WFH. Given the growing inactivity owing to the Covid-19 lockdowns, professionals across all segments are vulnerable to various ailments such as backaches, stiff necks, paining wrists and forearms, diabetes, and cardiovascular problems.

Going ahead, it’s the ergonomic Standing Desk that will stand us in good stead. Healthy life begins with a healthy back and spine. So what are you waiting for? Time to make the Standing Desk your ally!

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