Although the bicycle is not a new invention, there are many variations that we might be unaware of. Other than being used to get from one place to the next during our everyday lives, some types of bikes have more specific purposes.

Depending on what type of bike you get, this can be the perfect way to fulfil certain tasks, from exercising to commuting. Whatever it is you’re wanting to purchase a bicycle for, they are a much cheaper and greener way to get from A to B than a car. So, let’s take a look at some of the best bikes to suit your lifestyle. 

Decide the type of adventure you’re looking for

Although travelling by car or foot has many advantages, sometimes discovering new locations is limited by these means of transport – this is where bikes come into play. If you are a keen adventurer, a bike can make the world of difference.

In this context, the right bike depends on the type of adventure you plan on going on. One of the most important aspects to consider here is the type of tyres best suited for the bicycle. In order to get the most effective use out of your tyres, they must balance comfort, grip, and speed.

If you’re wanting to venture into places with soft surfaces such as mud paths, then gravel bikes are your best option. They use heavy gripping tyres to suit loose paths. Unlike traditional road bikes, this type of wheel will use lower pressure and have more contact with the ground. To add,  gravel bikes that need to withstand rough terrain and debris, they too will most likely be heavier than the average bike.

As for cyclists planning a longer trip, a touring bike will be better suited. Touring bikes are often used for several days at a time, so they need to be equipped with certain features, such as a steel frame. This needs to be easy to repair, sturdy, and strong. Since repair shops across the world tend to use steel replacements, if you were to require a replacement, then it should be easy to find no matter where you are. Touring bikes also need enough room for the storage of essentials such as food and clothes, so extra racks and space is another key feature.  

Getting from A to B

Cycling is a great way to make your commute to and from work more sustainable and healthier. It might come as a shock to know that for every kilometre travelled, the average petrol car produces around 120 grams of CO2. So, why not help the environment out and swap the car for a bike?

Although many people are quick to point out that commute times increase a lot when opting for cycling over a car, newer innovations of the bike put this claim to the test. The likes of electric bikes can reach speeds of 15.5 miles per hour – one third faster than the average speed people cycle at.  

Put into context, a five-mile journey by car might take around 15 minutes, but only 20 minutes using an e-bike. Not only is the five-minutes difference barely noticeable, but it could also see you save around £748 a year on petrol going to and from work every day – and this is before considering how much you’ll save on tax and insurance. For those that prioritise budgeting in their day-to-day life, an e-bike is an ideal alternative to a car.

A Specialized electric bike can travel around 120 miles before needing its batteries plugged in, so don’t worry about constantly needing to recharge it either. For the average commuter, this means the battery will only need to be charged once per week. Say goodbye to queuing for the petrol pump!

For fitness fans

For those who use cycling as a form of exercise, bikes that are typically used for racing are often favoured. With this said, cyclocross bikes are a great pick for those fitness fans out there.

The versatility of cyclocross bikes is what stands out. Not only do they work well on roads, but for all different types of adventure settings. So, whether you’re a regular cycler or are wanting to try something new, cyclocross bikes are a great way to explore a variety of new places and settings.

No matter what weather conditions you’re cycling in, the longer wheelbase on cyclocross bikes helps them perform well in any conditions. Due to the bike’s upright geometry, adding stability to your bike when things get icy won’t be a problem. For fitness enthusiasts that are wanting to cycle all year round no matter what the weather forecast is, these bikes are the best option for you.

For a higher-intensity workout, cyclocross races are a great way to test your fitness levels. A distance limit does not exist for these races, but time tends to be limited to an hour. During this time, cyclists see how far they can get through a variety of difficult trails and obstacles within the time limit given. If you’re looking for a new challenge, these races are a great way to test your limits as well as being a new way to have fun!

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing a bicycle. However, before you go and make the final decision, think about what exactly you will be using the bike for. Whether it be to travel to and from work, to try a new form of exercise, or for a new adventure, there are many options that should be explored first.

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