He Puna Taimoana is the name given to the $11.2 million hot water pool facility on the Christchurch beachfront.

The name of the pools translates as “coastal pools” or “seaside pools”, and highlights the stunning natural beauty of the location of the pools and neighboring surroundings. Families can enjoy breathtaking sea views from the terraced pools. The name also pays homage to the indigenous plants and natural environment that safeguards the coastline.

The hot pools are an essential development in the New Brighton Regeneration Project – a transformation of the seaside village supported by the Council, Development Christchurch Limited (DCL), local businesses and the community. This project signifies the conclusion of the second phase of the New Brighton foreshore development. The initial stage was the New Brighton Playground and Splash Park, designed and delivered in 2018.

The hot pools have been discussed for years as a luxury venue to help regenerate New Brighton. The community has been a component of the process from the start, with original ideas for the hot pools facility based on concepts and opinions from locals.

Only 15 minutes from Christchurch city centre, you can experience stunning panoramic ocean views while relaxing in one of five luxurious hot pools. Plus, unwind and recover a state-of-the-art plunge pool, steam room and enjoy beachside views from the comfort of the sauna.

The six outdoor pools, which range from 26 to 40 degrees, have an almost resort-style feel, a remarkable achievement for a council facility.

The pools have been so popular since their opening in late May, the 100-person sessions have been selling out well in advance.

About the pools

This pool is managed slightly differently than Hammer Springs; you have to book one of the numerous sessions on offer each day. These are 1 hour 45 minutes long.

The first indication you’re in for a sense of indulgence is the changing facilities, which are home to scented diffusers that fill the air with the smell of flowers. It’s these small details that make this place stand out from the countless council-run facilities throughout the world.

You’ve then got five hot pools to pick from, varying from “Rarotonga-style” 26 degrees, all the way up to “hot spring-style” 40 degrees.

On a chilly winter’s day, you can imagine most visitors are going to go for the pools on the more tropical side. The A.M. sessions are truly fantastic; warm mist from the pools fills the air and creates a mystical mountain feel, giving the whole venue a calming, yet high-end atmosphere. All the while you can still hear the sounds of waves crashing on the beach.

The sauna

The greatest views are found in an unexpected place. When you imagine saunas, you ordinarily envision four dull walls around a hot grill.

However,He Puna Taimoana has transformed the conventional idea of the sauna, setting it directly on the waterfront with a floor-to-ceiling window surveying the beach and New Brighton Pier.

It’s gigantic, which is a great feature to have because if someone chooses to join you, there’s an abundance of space to experience the view in solitude.

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