Contaminated surfaces are the most favourite dwelling place of viruses and germs, making viral infections like covid pandemic harder to treat. The more painful part is keeping the surfaces clean.

Although the chances of spreading coronavirus through the surface is very less, like you can say less than one in ten thousand people. But why take the risk? Every single life matters.

While we are taking care of every action to avoid the contact of virus, we should not neglect surface cleaning during covid 19.

What Is Surface Cleaning

Surface cleaning uses a safe and effective formula that effectively dissolves dirt and grime from hard surfaces without leaving behind any residue. In other words, it is also called disinfecting surfaces.

Unlike general cleaning, there is no need to use chemicals, instead this process utilizes either a soft brush or cloth/towel. The intention behind surface cleaning is to remove contaminants from the top layer of an object without causing any further damage.

Surface Cleaning has been used to clean the exterior and interior surfaces of objects such as floor, wall, ceiling, and equipment. It’s a common cleaning technique used by a lot of retail stores, restaurants, condominiums and industries.

Importance of Surface Cleaning

Surface cleaning at home or at commercial places is very important. Hence, you can count it in domestic cleaning as well as commercial cleaning. Dirty surfaces can lead to microbiological contamination also called coliform. This is pathogenic bacteria which poses a danger to everyone at home or work place.

Various studies have shown that contaminated surfaces have a high risk of transforming pathogens and they remain on the surface for 9 days. So it is extremely important to sterilize for reducing the risk of cross-contamination from easily transmissible microorganisms.

In fact, disinfection-sterilization practices are the most important methods for infection control in healthcare institutions. Then, why do we wait so much time?

How to Do Surface Cleaning?

Surface cleaning can be done by any cleaning product, soap, detergents, sterility and disinfectants. In the times of the covid 19 it is essential that you not only clean the surfaces but use good disinfectants to disinfect the surfaces. Hence, don’t forget to clean your surfaces frequently.

How Long Does Covid 19 Last On a Surface?

Studies have shown that coronavirus lasts on different surfaces in varying amounts of time.

  • Metal (5-9 days)
  • Plastic (2-3 days)
  • Wood (4 days)
  • Cardboard (24 hours)
  • Stainless steel (2-3 days)
  • Glass (5 days)
  • Ceramics (5 days)

There are less chances that coronavirus is spread through the clothes and shoes. Researches have shown that the virus does not long well on soft surfaces like fabric as compared to the hard surfaces. But it’s better to sanitize your shoes and change your clothes when coming from outside as a precautionary measure.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Surfaces

Cleaning different surfaces like hard floor cleaning, carpets, rugs, curtains with detergent or other cleaning products is necessary to avoid the contact of covid 19. Laundry your dirty clothes and towels. Disinfect the railings and grab bars.

Wipe-off the most touched surfaces like doorknobs, water taps, countertops etc regularly. Especially when coming from outside sanitize your doorknob and other surfaces you’ve touched.

Also, ensure that you are using good quality products and disinfectants that clean the surfaces as well as kill the germs.


Don’t keep the surfaces sullied and give a chance for germs to grow and spread the viruses. You should not neglect the surface cleaning while doing other house cleaning. Disinfect the surfaces properly and regularly.

Along with following all the preventive measures against the covid 19 maintain a good hygiene level and keep the home as clean as possible.

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