There are many ways in which you might be able to help make your community a better place. Some people volunteer their free time to help out a local organization, and others choose to work in the non-profit sector full-time. However, those looking to make a real tangible difference in the life of a child in need might consider becoming a foster parent.

Taking on the job of becoming a foster carer is no small thing. You will certainly face a variety of challenges on the road ahead that you will need to be prepared for. It goes without saying that not everyone is cut out to be a foster parent.

If the idea of becoming a foster parent has recently been on your mind, it is important that you do some self-reflection in order to decide if you would be right for such a role. To that point, here are some of the top characteristics of good foster parents to consider as you try to decide if this is a path that is right for you.

They Have Empathy

When it comes to taking on a job like becoming a foster parent, it is always good if you have empathy skills. Whether you gained these skills while raising your children or through your job, such skills can go a long way toward fostering. 

If you have not yet begun the process of becoming a foster parent, perhaps you should take some time to develop your empathy. You should seek out new perspectives and experiences to do this, and when faced with it, take the chance to emotionally connect with others. This skill set and practice can help you as you look to provide the best home for a foster child.

They Are Willing to Learn

Oftentimes, the thought of becoming a foster parent and the reality of such a scenario are two different things. One shouldn’t expect to have some magical bond with their foster child right away or for the road to be a smooth one. Rather, as a foster parent, you will be in for quite the learning curve.

The good news is that foster care agencies tend to have great resources available for carers to help them learn about the challenges ahead and how to adapt once the fostering journey truly begins. You can learn more about such resources at

They Are Consistent

Children who have been placed in foster care more often than not have experienced a great deal of change in their young lives already. Most of these changes have not been for the better. Therefore, it is important that you, as their foster carer are able to provide consistency of character as well as with your expectations of them.

Demonstrating consistency from your end will help your foster child to feel more comfortable and stable in their new surroundings. In the end, this can prove to be one of the ways in which you can help them the most.

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