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There are complete apps in the current market to know the inclement weather in real time and for the next few days. If you want to know if it is going to snow or there will be a storm in your city or what the state of the roads is, download one of them.

In these days before winter, or in the presence of snow or storms, it is essential to know the weather forecast to know if there will be problems on the road, remove the tire chain or plan the trip in the best possible way.

If you have to take the car to get to work, you have planned a trip or directly, you want to know the weather in the next days of atmospheric instability, there are numerous applications on the market that you can use for this, available for both Android and for iOS.

Many of them, as well as services such as Google Maps or Apple Maps, will inform you in real time of the state of the roads – possible traffic jams, traffic jams or accidents – and will let you know the temperature, inclement weather or phenomena such as snow during the next days and hours. .

7 apps to know the weather forecast
Weather : Coming from the Weather Channel service, this application is pre-installed by default on many devices based on the iOS operating system. Its hourly forecast is characterized by its comprehensive accuracy, as its dynamic home screen shows you changes based on location, weather and time of day.

You can check hourly forecasts, for 15 days and for the weekend, know data such as temperature, wind chill, humidity, visibility or barometric pressure, check weather maps and set personalized alerts in real time.

Morecast : This is a premium Android app ideal to prepare for adverse events such as snow, storms or high temperatures , adapting to your real location or your favorite locations.

You can know the rainfall to the minute on the radar map, explore the weather patterns worldwide with the 3D globe and its animations or navigate with time on the road to better drive on the road. Other possibilities are comparing the weather in two locations or accessing 24 hour, 3, 7 and 14 day weather charts. : Another very complete and free possibility to be permanently informed about the weather. Thanks to geolocation, the app allows you easy access to the hourly and 14-day forecast for more than 200,000 locations, airports, football stadiums, schools, beaches, and golf courses.

Among other data, it allows you to know the temperature, thermal sensation, wind, clouds and atmospheric pressure, access radar images and prediction maps and know snow reports for the ski resorts of Spain, as well as the prediction of waves, wind and water temperature and maps of the main coastal areas of Spain.

AccuWeather : In particular, it is one of the most useful tools to know in detail the possibility of precipitation or snow . With it you will be able to know how long the rains will last or how the climate is with respect to factors such as humidity, dew, wind or the ultraviolet ray index.

From a map you will access the points with the highest incidence and you will be able to access the forecast for hours before taking the car.

DGT : Available for both iOS and Android, the official application of the General Directorate of Traffic allows you to know the state of the roads.

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