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Every year millions of qualified candidates search for jobs on search engines. So, most hiring sites are on search engines to recruit job seekers. It has become a promising industry in 2021. If you also want to reach out to potential candidates, you need to optimise your hiring site online.

We have been guiding Dubai hiring agencies for a long time. We will try to help you by sharing our experiences of optimising recruitment sites for search engines. You will get helpful insights on attracting new clients and top talent.

What is SEO?

SEO implies Search Engine Optimisation. It includes several useful strategies that help a website rank higher on search engines. Search Engine Optimisation is essential for every website to stand out in the market.

Importance Of SEO For Hiring Agencies?

Nowadays most job seekers search on Google to find a perfect job. Hence, SEO can help your hiring sites to rank higher on the search engines. Candidates can find your website quickly. Your business will flourish.

SEO can be complicated for you. But there are plenty of strategies that you can use to optimise your hiring site.

1. Keyword Research:- People use specific keywords while searching for recruiters. Hence, knowing those specific keywords is a significant method to optimise your visibility on the search engines. 3 steps to do the keyword research are:-

  • You can use standard keyword research tools out there in the market.
  • You can analyse your competitor’s job listings and keywords.
  • You can brainstorm about relevant keywords, expand and evaluate your list.

Try to evaluate the search intent of each keyword. Research how keywords related to the job, promotion, salary can improve your website rank. Including local keywords can also help you to attract local and potential job seekers. It may seem a time-consuming process but it will help you excellently in the future.

2. Incorporate Your Keywords Throughout Your Site:- Once you have chosen specific keywords, you need to incorporate those keywords into your site. You can include them in your landing page, HTML tags, header tags or body copy. But make sure you do not put keywords where it is not needed. If you put so many keywords at a time, it can lead to ‘keywords stuffing’. It can damage your chances of ranking high on search engines.

3. Create An Optimised Site Structure:- Site structure of your website matters a lot. When you create an optimised site structure, it gives users the best experience they could ever have. You can also focus on maximizing the number of links (within reason) from key pages such as the home page and category pages.

You should also optimise your site for mobile users. Do you know most of the users will search for jobs on mobile devices in 2021? Hence, make sure your website is not only mobile friendly but also mobile optimised. You can use responsive design as a part of your recruitment SEO strategy. Your mobile optimised structure will help job seekers to read and navigate, and there should be no pinching or zooming required to view your content.

4. Publish Quality Content:- Today, content is the king in the market. Search engines revert quality content as they solve the problems of users. So, by optimising your hiring site you can provide quality content regarding career opportunities and new trends in the market.

Try to use relevant keywords in the content you publish on your site. It will help people to solve problems and make decisions regarding their careers.

In addition, you can update your content regularly. Job seekers will visit your website regularly not to miss any relevant information. You can post job-hunting advice, interview tips, and general career information. Thus, your online presence will increase your visibility on the search engine.

You can use different tools available in the market. They will help you evaluate what is working well and what is not. SEMRUSH is one of them. You can post new job postings regularly to give your users the best service.

5. Build links:- Adding several links to other relevant websites can be a useful strategy for optimising your hiring site. It can act as proof of your site’s quality and authority. Search engines preferred this highly.

 But it can be a complicated process for you. Try to follow the right steps. Reach out to the website owners and show them your quality content. There are plenty of news sites, blogs, and other publications where your content is relevant.

If you publish quality content regularly on your site, other websites will naturally add links to their sites.

6. Active On Social Media Platforms:- You need to be active on different social media platforms to enhance user engagement in your site. Using social media as help to build brand awareness, share employment opportunities, and drive traffic to your website.

So, share relevant employment opportunities on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. You can also share some career advice to help your users. Try to interact with the job seekers. Reply to their queries. It will help to build trust and strengthen the bond between you and your clients.

7. Optimising Jobs Pages:- You have to optimise your job pages to provide better job opportunities. Update your database and job vacancies regularly. Modern websites use different new technologies to make their websites indexable on search engines. You can also use them to increase your visibility on the web.

You can provide personalized job pages to your customers. Make sure that your job vacancies are on your job pages.

8. Managing Expired Vacancies:- You need to manage your expired vacancies effectively. There may be jobs that are outdated and expired. No seats are there.

When you manage your expired vacancies, it helps to reduce the size of your website page. In addition, it gives the users satisfaction and fewer hazards.

If you are a smaller recruitment agency, you can just put the latest job vacancies on your job pages.

9. Do Create A Visual Experience:- Make your value pages more visually appealing. Do not just put random texts and job listings. Rather you can post relevant pictures and videos related to career opportunities and career advice.

Job listings, pictures and videos attract new clients. They will come back to your hiring site regularly after having a good visual experience. Multimedia content will help your site to rank higher on the search engine as it provides more value to the users.

10. Do Optimize Your Company Description:- Lastly, optimising your component description is very important. When you visit your site, first look at your company description. So, write a clear description of what your company does. Use specific keywords to indicate your company’s function. You will be attracting more candidates just by optimising the description. So, don’t neglect it.

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Conclusion:- You can optimise your hiring site for search engines using the strategies we have discussed. We have provided info for Dubai hiring agencies. You can click on it. Best of luck in your journey.

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