You depend on your AC device to maintain your house cool and comfortable, however; it needs periodic maintenance to ensure it is functioning properly.

Like other appliances in your home, it’s common for the air conditioner to wear and tear from normal use, and then develop mechanical problems in the course of its lifespan.

Maintaining your system functioning smoothly requires focus on the maintenance and aircon servicing requirements. System maintenance can help you save money and stress from sudden breakdowns that may make you sweaty and angry!

If you want to make your home at a comfortable temperature (and who wouldn’t?) Maintaining your air conditioner running is essential.

Let’s look at the things you can do and when to get help from the pros for maintenance of your air conditioner.

The Way Your Air Conditioner Functions

If you just moved out of your home in which you used window-mounted fans or air conditioners, or you are considering installing a central unit, you may not be well-versed in central air conditioning. Don’t worry… we can help.

Central air conditioning units function similar to what your refrigerator operates, however, on a bigger scale. The way it works is that your air conditioner transforms gas into liquid and then back to gas using chemical substances that transfer heat in the air from your home to the outside.

Why Should My AC Need Maintenance?

Like your car needs regular maintenance to keep it running well and efficiently, the is also important from either reliable companies or yourself. Being proactive in taking care of your air conditioner will not just prolongs the life of the unit, but it can also save you a significant sum of money on repairs and replacement expenses. A simple task, as simple as switching the air filters inside your unit, could prolong its lifespan and enhance the quality of air in your home.

How to Turn Off The Power of Your Air Conditioner

If you are repairing or installing an A/C unit, it’s crucial to switch off the power supply to the unit. The switch to turn off your AC’s power not just ensures the safety of your equipment as well as the unit, but also shields your body from being exposed to an electric shock. Verify that you’ve turned off your unit by trying to turn the heating and cooling on with the thermostat you have already installed.

What to Do To Clean Up Your Outdoor AC Condenser Unit

The condenser’s unit should be cleaned out every year will improve the effectiveness that your AC is running and safeguard your investment. It’s a simple DIY project to do, however you can also employ professionals for aircon servicing to take care of your unit if you’re not able to spare the time. Cleansing the condenser unit is essential if you have dandelions growing within your unit, or if you have lots of grass clippings or leaves.

What is the best way to level your outdoor Air Conditioner Condenser Unit

Moving your air conditioner is a difficult task, however if the unit isn’t properly levelled it could fail to perform as it should and may result in refrigerant leaks. Make sure you utilize a level to test the unit once per year, since the ground underneath your unit is continuously shifting and changing.

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