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We all fall for Christmas candy, but knowing which ones are the healthiest and / or the ones with the most calories can go a long way.

The holidays are approaching and there are houses in which they have already prepared all the Christmas sweets . It is common. Polvorones, nougats and what you usually like the most are present during these parties and are eaten after coffee or on key dates. But to what extent are they recommended?

Surely you already know the bad image that polvorones have among nutritionists . It is not for less, but it is not the only sweet that is eaten and in the end none is healthy, almost any option chosen will be healthier. But it is also true that after a year like 2020 it can be annoying that someone told us that it is better not to eat sweets for health reasons.

In any case, the variety of companions is great and those with a sweet tooth always find a good excuse to sweeten their life during the holidays. Be it alone, in company, in the middle of the afternoon or after the New Year’s meal, you feel like it.

In Diario Sur they have collected information on the composition of Christmas sweets based on an investigation carried out by the University of Granada. These are the sweets with the most calories and the amount of calories they contain per 100 grams :

Traditional polvorón (564 calories)
Nougat (515 calories)
Marzipan (503 calories)
Caramelised almonds (499 calories)
Shortbread cookie (475 calories)
Polvorón with whole wheat flour without sugar (430 calories)
Fried donuts (387 calories)
Panettone (347 calories)
Roscón de Reyes (150 calories)

It is especially striking that the two sweets with the most calories are just the most widespread and representative of Christmas . Are you going to fight calories this year or will you simply choose to let go and eat whatever you want?

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