3D effect

Photos come to life with the new Google Photos feature. The Google application to save photos and videos when now with a 3D effect, regardless of the camera you use.

The end of the year and the Christmas holidays are the most photographed times of the year. Although these dates will be different and it is not possible to meet with all the people that we would like, Google takes the opportunity to present a new function to relive each of those moments captured in photos.

Throughout the next month, Google Photos users will be able to find the Cinematic feature in the Memories or Highlights section. With it, the photographs you have taken of your family will achieve greater relief, mainly the portraits with the one in the upper image.

Google Photos will automatically convert your photos with this 3D effect. You just have to make sure that the app is up to date with the latest version and when there is a list it will appear in your recent highlights at the top of the photo grid, like Instagram Stories.

To achieve this effect in any photograph uploaded to Google Photos, the application is based on machine learning technology to predict the depth of the scene that has been photographed and give it the appropriate 3D effect.

The result, Google explains in its official statement , is achieved even if the camera that took that photo does not provide information on the depth of the scene. The effect ends up becoming a movement or GIF that brings the photography to life and that, according to the company, helps to relive those moments as if it were a professional video.

What’s more, if you want to share a photo with this 3D effect with friends or family, you can send it through any messaging application as a video. Deployment may be slow, the company has already begun to activate this function, so it is only a matter of time before the Cinematic function appears in our Google Photos app during the holidays.

Animated GIF showing two photos of a small girl playing in a pile of leaves side by side. The photo on the left is static, while the photo on the right shows a slow zooming in, smooth panning feature.

Apart from this novelty, Google’s cloud storage service also announces the arrival of more Highlight Moments and new collage . Until now, making a collage meant being able to take a photo next to another with a white background. With this new design, the background takes on more prominence and looks more like the albums we can make on paper.

Also the Highlight Moments or memories are renewed, now the photos of Memories or Highlights Moments will highlight the most important people in your life and we can see in outstanding memories about your favorite activities. Google’s artificial intelligence will recognize the hobbies that each one has and will highlight them in the initial part of the application.

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