Lidl star product

Lidl’s roscón de Reyes has become a bestseller even before Christmas begins.

The roscón de Reyes is one of the Christmas sweets with the least calories that exist, as well as being a favorite, and Lidl wanted to give the concept a spin together with a famous chef. With a view to succeeding in the coming parties with such a desired and purchased product, a collaboration has been made with Carlos Maldonado .

Carlos Maldonado is the Michelin-star chef who created Lidl’s premium roscón . This sweet is already being sold in the 600 supermarkets of the supermarket chain, but until stocks are exhausted. They will then assess when to make more available to customers.

Regarding its preparation, the ingredients are sourdough, butter and eggs from hens raised on the ground . The interior is 100% cream of Origin Spain and the topping, the most striking thing, has been prepared with Ruby cocoa, freeze-dried raspberry, freeze-dried mango, white chocolate and dark chocolate , according to Lidl.

Ruby cocoa recently arrived in Spain and was created in Switzerland. It is a natural pink chocolate , devoid of additives. It can boast of having its own flavor with bittersweet touches.

Although it should be noted that this roscón de Reyes that is succeeding in stores has aroused conflicting opinions regarding its appearance : it likes the taste, but not in the eyes of all people. It seems that the coverage is not entirely attractive to some, although the opinions are being very positive.

The price for the roscón de Reyes created by Carlos Maldonado is 5.99 euros and has a weight of 600 grams . In case you want to buy it, it is in the frozen section, if there are still in your supermarket. We must point out that the arrival of this sweet does not mean that there are still traditional roscones de reyes in Lidl . Each customer will find the version they like best of this food.

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