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If you want to make homemade bread in a comfortable and simple way, equip yourself with the Lidl breadmaker, which is now on sale again. It is one of the most popular SilverCrest appliances, so take the opportunity to buy it before it runs out again.

Along with the Monsieur Cuisine kitchen machines , Lidl has other very popular SilverCrest appliances. Among them, one of the most successful this 2020 is the bakery, with which it is possible to make homemade bread in a very comfortable and simple way, without the need for advanced culinary knowledge.

As with other Lidl appliances, the bakery is on sale seasonally and there are limited units, so given its success it sells out very quickly.

If you were left with the desire to get it, now you have a new opportunity to buy the Lidl bakery . It is for sale in the online bazaar at a price of 49.99 euros , and from December 19 you can also find it in physical stores.

And what is the secret of the success of this appliance? As usual in SilverCrest devices, it stands out for its good value for money. It is one of the cheapest bread makers you can find on the market, and offers similar functions to other more expensive alternatives.

The Lidl breadmaker has a power of 850 W and automates the entire process of preparing bread. The appliance is in charge of mixing, kneading, fermenting and baking, so that you only have to add the ingredients and wait to taste a delicious homemade bread.

It offers you a total of 16 programs and 3 toasting levels to choose from. You can select the weight of your bread (1,000, 1,250 or 1,500 g), it has special programs to prepare gluten-free bread, pasta or pizza dough, and even jam or yogurt. Also, if you wish you can program up to 8 own recipes.

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