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It is possible to carry out some procedures without going to the DGT and we explain how to notify the sale of a car step by step. To avoid possible upsets, it is highly recommended to inform Traffic at the time you close the sale of a vehicle.

Not finding the time to go to the Provincial Traffic Headquarters is no longer an excuse because you can cancel a car without going to the DGT . The General Directorate of Traffic recommends notifying the sale of the vehicle “as soon as it is done”, without waiting for the buyer to complete the transfer process.

The reason? “There are times when buyers are delayed and this can cause a headache, since the fines from fixed radars , insurance or ITV will continue to arrive until the change of ownership occurs “, explain those responsible for Traffic. “Notifying the sale is an easy way to avoid this problem, since since you make the notification, the responsibility is no longer with the seller,” they point out.

It is important to remember that although the fact that the seller notifies the sale, this procedure does not exempt from making the change of ownership since until this is effective the new circulation permit will not be issued .

How to notify the sale of a vehicle if you go to the DGT
Check that the vehicle is transferable. You can not sell vehicles that do not have up to date the payment of local taxes or penalties related to the car (those of circulation – speeding, parking … – have nothing to do with it). Neither are those on which there is a reservation of title or a seal order.
To verify that the vehicle is transferable, you can request the reduced vehicle report.

If everything is correct and the transfer can be made, a green signal will appear in the report. In case the vehicle cannot be transferred for any reason, a red signal will appear. To find out what is the reason that prevents the transfer, you can request the detailed report of the vehicle

Remote notification is made through the DGT’s electronic headquarters . To access the service it is necessary to have a digital certificate, electronic DNI or your cl @ ve credentials
Pay the fee of 8.50 euros

Once the process is finished, you will receive a proof of the sale notification to the email that you have indicated in your request within a period of approximately one week

Advice from the DGT if you are going to sell your car
If you sell your vehicle to another private person, never deliver it without having the original contract of sale in your hands . In this, the data of the vehicle, DNI, NIE or NIF of the buyer and seller, the purchase price and the date and time when the contract is signed cannot be missing.

Do not forget that the contract must be signed by both the buyer and the seller on each of the sheets that compose it
Also, do not deliver the car if you do not have a photocopy of the buyer’s DNI, NIF or Residence Card
Indicate in the contract the exact time you deliver the vehicle

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