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The Fortnite game receives patch 15.10 with a Performance Mode for those users who want to play from low-end or older equipment with better quality.

This December 15 , more news comes to Fortnite with the new patch 15.10 . This update introduces performance improvements for all those computers that are not intended to provide the best gaming experience.

If you want to play Fortnite but not many with a gaming or high-end computer designed to withstand the workload and graphics that a game like this implies, now you have the opportunity to improve your game. The new Performance Mode manages to increase the FPS on low-end or older computers .

This has been explained by Epic Games on its official Fortnite page . This new feature adapts the game to the capabilities of these less powerful teams. It is responsible for reducing the load on the CPUs and GPUs so that the experience is smoother and similar to what would be achieved with stronger and modern hardware.

This Performance Mode will only be available in Battle Royale and Creative modes for most Fortnite players, but not everyone. It can be activated from the advanced video settings in Fortnite, as shown on the top page.

With this Performance Mode , players can also opt out of receiving high-resolution textures through the Epic Games Launcher installation options page . Inside the Library, in the Fortnite three-point menu, click on Options and check or uncheck the Use high-quality textures box.

This process eliminates up to 14 GB of hard disk space that is used for the high resolution textures of the game. The resulting size of Fortnite, after this reduction, would be 17 GB, a more manageable amount for many teams.

Epic Games provides several examples to show that a better gaming experience can already be achieved with older or low-end hardware, without saturating the CPU and GPU. The FPS rate with this Performance Mode is considerable.

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