Whether you are looking for a complete kitchen remodel or planning some small changes, it’s always a great idea to stay abreast of the

latest trends. Gone are the days when only a few colors and designs were considered suitable for a kitchen makeover. Today, designers have come up with tremendous ideas about kitchen designing. From a wide array of colors and art to a breath-taking selection of hardware, kitchen design has a lot to offer!

If you are in search of the latest kitchen design trends, read below to find out about the trending colors, fixtures, styles, and finishing:

1.   Cabinet Organizers and Drawers

If you look at the ready-made kitchen furniture, you will find a vast collection of drawer organizers and multipurpose cabinets. A modern-day kitchen of 2021 does not require any additional items like spoon holders, pan organizers, plate sections, etc. The latest cabinets come up with built-in organizers that help in keeping all these things organized.

Furthermore, designers are using one long cabinet with multiple compartments for storing bottles. Many people use this cabinet for keeping the grocery. You can also see some magnetic compartments for keeping knives. All these organizers help in managing the kitchen and making it a mess-free space.

2.   Dining and Bar Space

Since more and more people are working from home, including a dining section and a bar space inside the kitchen looks convenient. This is what designers are up to as it provides a space for munching besides dinner and lunch. Above all, when everything is in one place, managing and cleaning become easier.

For this, one additional counter is added in the kitchen. This counter is used for dining as well as doing other kitchen chores. Designers add sleek styled chairs or bar stools in 24 or 26 inches to these counters for making it a dining space. These chairs with a high-back style are trending this year to add a contemporary styled look.

3.   Adding Art to the Kitchen

Adding art to the kitchen is a new trend these days. Since art is a sign of relief, adding sophisticated art pieces can help alleviate stress and let you enjoy the cooking time. From abstract paintings and kitchen-related décor to sceneries and tile art, designers are using art in a variety of ways.

Small art pieces on the corner shelf or at the center of the counter look amazing. Some kitchen counters also come with small sections in the middle. These sections are open and visible from the outer side. Art pieces in these sections combined with yellow lighting look amazing.

4.   Touchless and Stylish Faucets Ovens

Due to increased demand for hygiene and cleanliness, touchless faucets are trending these days. These faucets are available in multiple designs and colors. Since the golden theme is trending this year, golden-colored faucets are in high demand. Furthermore, designers are also using voice-activated faucets. Though these are a bit costly, they help in achieving the hygiene goals.

5.   Connection with the Outdoors

Since people are becoming more aware of the health benefits of ventilation, big windows and doors are in demand. Therefore, designers have come up with an idea of more outdoor connectivity with the kitchen.

Undoubtedly, this requires a lot of cost due to the architectural change, but it gives a new light to your kitchen. Similarly, lots of greenery through indoor plants or the opening of a window in a garden is a new trend. It lets you have a fresh feel while cooking and gives you ample benefits for your health.

6.   Use of Marble

The use of marble will remain in trend this year. Especially black-colored marble with a combination of gold theme is included in the latest kitchen designs. Other colors like beige, white, and brown marble are also trending. Apart from the kitchen counters, designers are using marble for coffee and dining tables. Some designers also introduced bar stools with a marble top and a metal base.

7.   Specialty

Most gas ovens come along with the cooking stove in which the stove is at the top, and the gas oven is on the lower part. But, contemporary styled kitchens are designed with a sleek stove style in which the glass stove is fixed. In this case, the oven is separate. Thus, people are moving towards convectional and steam ovens. Steam ovens are great for health, especially for heart and cholesterol patients.


If you are replacing a gas oven or fixing a new one, be careful about gas safety. Also, make sure to get a gas certificate that ensures all the kitchen appliances are working properly.

8.   Warm Colors

When it comes to colors, designers are working on warmer themes. But, these warmer tones are combined with contrasting dark colors to give an elegant interior view. Colors like white, beige, light orange, and brown are still trending. But a touch of gold along with dark contrasts like blue, black, or even red looks sophisticated.

9.   Kitchen Flooring

Hardwood flooring is still in trend, but some designers are also using ceramic flooring. There are a lot of styles and designs in ceramic flooring today that was not available before. My designer advised me to use ceramic tiles in hardwood style. In this way, I got the texture of hardwood but in a material that is easy to maintain.

10.                 Backsplashes

Today designers are using a wide range of backsplashes for adding a modern-day touch to the kitchen. Designers are using big slabs, and the smaller ones look outdated. These backsplashes also come in a nature-inspired collection and are great for adding a natural look to the kitchen. A backsplash of ceramic, wood, and tiles also come in multiple textures and colors.

You’re Ready for a Kitchen Redesign

In short, the kitchen designs of 2021 are all about comfort, ease, nature, and sophistication. Designers have focused more on comfort as people are spending more time at home. Therefore, multipurpose kitchens along with dining areas are trending. Similarly, marble with gold tones can be seen in the latest designs. Outdoor connectivity looks mandatory, and the use of big slabs is important.

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