Benefits of Using Portable Buildings

  • Portability. Since they are portable, delivery, relocating, or moving around the site can be easily done.
  • Multi-functional. From leisure to business, portable buildings offer plenty of handy constructions.
  • Fast and cost-effective. With a portable building, you don’t have to wait for materials to be brought so that you can complete your building. The cabin is delivered in a few hours and assembled in minutes. 

If you run a business and require some extra space, using portable buildings, also known as portable cabins, can save you a lot of money concerns. In recent years, the demand for these forms of buildings has been growing exponentially because of their ease of construction and pocket-friendliness.

They offer you and your business premises more space that you could need to keep your stock secure and safe. Furthermore, you can develop a temporary classroom, pop-up booth for an event, or host extra staff, among myriads of other functions. Are you considering hiring a portable building for personal or commercial purposes? In this blog, you find out four innovative uses of portable buildings.

Clever Uses of Portable Buildings:

Temporary classrooms

The period when schools or other institutions are undergoing refurbishment can be exhausting and distracting for students and teachers alike. Construction activities can not only disrupt school activities but are also dangerous. Therefore, it is important to decide how your students will continue to be taught while construction goes on.

Setting up these portable buildings as temporary classrooms is one of the most efficient and effective ways to achieve this. The temporary classrooms are designed in jackleg cabins and can be placed anywhere in the school ground away from the danger and noises from the construction operations.

When designing temporary classrooms, the most popular option is jackleg cabins because of the versatility of their design. They can be customised to look like your normal classroom to minimise disruption to your pupils and still offer you access to your necessary teaching equipment.

Portable cabin offices

Let’s say you have employed more people than your space could hold or your current office space is being refurbished, you could be searching for temporary space to keep your important documents, computer equipment, and employee belongings.

The option you choose will depend on your requirements – between an anti-vandal portable office unit or a jackleg cabin. If you have valuable office equipment or confidential information that needs to be kept in a highly secure place, you should go for the anti-vandal unit. Interestingly, they can also be equipped with a staircase to offer twice the office room with half the space.

On the other hand, jackleg cabins are ideal if your modification requirements are more specific. In addition to offering high safety levels, jackleg cabins also provide insulative properties and they come in a wide range of sizes. Before you decide which is the most suitable option for you, it’s a great idea to talk to your supplier of modular buildings first for advice. Insite Portable Accommodation have been supplying portable office buildings and jackleg cabins to businesses in various industries throughout the UK for several years. Their wide range of temporary buildings for sale and hire allow businesses to expand whilst keeping costs to a minimal.

Pop-up restaurants and bars

Recently, the number of pop-up restaurants and bars that offer food and drinks at weddings, festivals, markets, and others has been increasing gradually. Developing your temporary food premises using a portable building can prove to be a cost-effective method of attending to your clients without permanently buying property or signing up for an expensive building contract.

More so, if you’re new and starting in the industry, the jackleg cabin is the most ideal option. It can be customised with kitchen facilities and it is convenient to clean. These portable buildings also come with security features such as window guards made of wire mesh to keep your kitchen facilities safe when your business is closed.

You may also consider providing toilet facilities for your restaurant or bar customers. Portable toilets are suitable because they are easy to maintain and can be rented based on the average number of clients you expect to have.

Home gym

The work-life is not showing any signs of slowing down and considering the ever-hectic schedule, it can often be a challenge going to public gyms. Many people are considering developing home gym solutions instead – from dumbbells and simple workout DVDs to special rooms with punch bags and weightlifting benches.

But what will people who don’t have space in their homes use? Homeowners with a considerate plot of land are establishing their gymnasiums by using portable buildings. Portable buildings give you adequate space you’re your weights and machines, provides you with your privacy to exercise in comfort, at whichever time pleases you! Plus, you will never have to wait for a particular machine to become free!

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