As a property owner, you should increase the potential value of your property because an increased property value, whether you think of renting it out or selling it, can secure a more significant income. Knowing the best ways to increase the value of your property has always been vital, but it will be much more so in 2022, as house prices and mortgage rates continue to rise in the aftermath of the epidemic. Knowing how to make your home stand out to potential buyers can be overwhelming, especially in such a volatile and competitive market, but the process doesn’t have to be complicated. Remember that there is a lot of competition among buyers right now. You can get the price you want for your property by just making some simple changes. Always consult a real estate agent who can provide up-to-date Free Property Valuation in Bracknell and advice on how to market your home to appeal to the most significant number of buyers.

Here are five simple ways to increase the value of your property 

Make Space 

Buyers want more for their money, so do everything you can to create a sense of expansive living space. You can declutter and add mirrors to the smaller rooms and hallways by knocking down a wall and creating an open-plan living area. Removing all of the rubbish from your spare room and converting it into an extra bedroom or study may make a big difference, and if you have space, purchase a dining table and chairs. Put whatever you can into storage, including any extra furniture and the exercise bike you’ve been keeping in the corner of your living room for the past two years! Some consumers have excellent imaginations, but many need help to envision how a place could work for them, so show them. Please look at some of the new homes on the market for inspiration; they almost all include open-plan living spaces, which is what modern family life is about.

Outside Living Space

Many buyers like the notion of a garden and outdoor living space but are concerned about the upkeep. So, even if gardening isn’t your thing, ensure your outdoor space is well-maintained. Buyers may be put off if your backyard is a jungle. If you have a larger budget, it may be worth hiring local landscape gardeners, but if not, creating an area for outdoor dining and cleaning up your garden, including mowing the lawn and trimming back the bushes, make a significant difference.

Improve the curb appeal of your home

Remember the outside space in front of your house; first impressions are essential, so if you have a front garden, make it appear friendly. In today’s competitive real estate market, you must ensure that your home stands out. You generally only have one chance to make a good impression on potential buyers, whether they’re driving by or looking at properties online. Begin by viewing your property through the eyes of a visitor; something as easy as repainting the entrance door can make all the difference.

Repair the dripping faucets

Take a fresh look around your house as if you’ve never seen it before, and fix all the little problems you’ve forgotten about over the years. Leaky faucets, rusted radiators, damaged tiles, replacing door knobs, and upgrading light fixtures are all possibilities. These are simple repairs, but purchasers will subconsciously begin to compile a list of everything that needs to be repaired or updated; the more items on that list, the larger the chores appear.

Extend or upgrade your kitchen’s layout

If you can’t sit down and dine in your kitchen, the value of your home may suffer to an extent. So consider expanding it or, at the very least, upgrading the layout. If your kitchen is in the back of your house and there is a side passage, consider extending the kitchen to the entire width of the rest of the house. You can gain room and fix a bad layout by adding a single-story side-return extension. This is typically considered permitted development. According to estate professionals, this type of renovation might add more value than a loft conversion in some circumstances.

Final Thoughts

Last, if you want to sell your home, remember that even small changes can make a big difference. Consider who your potential buyers are and what they might desire from home. You may temporarily convert a spare bedroom into a study if it appeals to young professionals. If it’s more likely to attract young families, it might be best suited as a bedroom, nursery, or playroom. Finally, remember that fresh air, a fresh scent, and some fresh flowers may make all the difference.

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