You will be amazed to learn that it is easy to introduce an excellent level of luxury and quality to your bathroom tiles without removing a single tile. If you are thinking about renovating your bathroom, you probably know that the process can be pretty expensive. But, there are some easy and simple ways to renovate bathroom tiles without incurring the cost of buying new ones. Read on and find out how you can renovate your bathroom tiles.

Bathroom Wall Panels

Waterproof wall panels are a modern innovation with many advantages, the most prominent one being that they can be fitted over existing bathroom tiles. Principality Plastics supply a wide range of bathroom wall panels that are ideal for renovating your existing bathroom tiles. The panels are available in a variety of colours and styles. Bathroom wall panels are completely waterproof, meaning that they can be used above the bath or in a shower enclosure. You only need to seal around the edges with custom strips to prevent water from seeping through.

Installation is done by trimming the boards to size and glue them on top of your current tiles. Do not do this as a DIY project; instead, contact a carpenter or a competent joiner to transform your bathroom within a few hours.

Easy and quick to install

You can install wall panels within 24 hours. This is because you don’t apply grout and wait for it to dry before using your bathroom. Panels are fitted on top of existing concrete, wood, stud walls or tiles. Your design will take shape within a short time.

No grout

Mould targets tile grout making it an ideal place to hold, which is enabled by a combination of moisture and condensation. However, you don’t have to worry about mould with shower panels as there is no grout to accommodate it.

Easy to clean

When cleaning shower panels, you won’t have to use bleaching agents since the panels are grout-free. All you have to do is give them an occasional quick wipe down to keep them clean and well maintained.

Leaves a professional finish

Shower panels produce a stylish glossy finish. You can improve its seal by fixing a wall panel trim by the edges to give the tile a professional look.


You will need the following to paint your bathroom tiles:

  • Paint tape for covering the edges
  • Paint primer
  • Brushes and roller
  • Grout
  • Polyurethane or sealant

Thoroughly remove the grout using a scrub, tile cleaner, mop and brush. Sanding the tiles is also recommended to roughen up the surface in preparation for painting. Ventilate the area by opening your doors and windows and setting up fans. Apply the primer to the grout and the tiles and let it dry. In a smooth stroke, apply the first coat of paint. If you have a stencil you would like to use, use a spray gun for a clean finish.

Give the first coat a few days to dry and then apply the second coat and give it enough time to dry. After the second coat dries properly, apply polyurethane/sealant over the tiles. Apply 2-3 coats of paint for a great and seamless outcome. Reapply the grout and use your bathroom with the renovated tiles.

Advantages of Painting Bathroom Tiles

  • Allows you to customise your bathroom to get the look that you like
  • It makes tiles look like new with the new paint
  • Paint makes the tile durable and robust and able to withstand regular wear and tear
  • It saves money and time when compared to retiling the bathroom which is important especially when one is on a budget.

Bathroom Stickers

If you want a fast solution for a bathroom renovation or your landlord is not keen on painting, you can use bathroom stickers to improve the appearance of your bathroom tiles. Look for stickers that can withstand high humidity, which is more darkly coloured or with a more robust contemporary pattern to cover old tiles. You should also consider using stickers that can withstand the cleansers and shampoos that can damage them. You can use stickers to inject your personality into a bland bathroom with plain white tiles from the walls to the ceiling.

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