From a simple call center service, Gojek began its market in 2010, and now it is a nifty app providing multiple services in different niches. GoRide, GoShop, GoSend, GoFood, etc., and now there are 30+ services available under the banners. 

Through the multiservice app, it’s evident that it’s easy to capitalize on businesses like food delivery, Hyperlocal delivery, digital payment, traveling, and more. 

Here, we will be concentrating on business models and strategies to improve your business with Multiservice Super apps like Gojek. 

Configurations into your Gojek clone

To track different audience sets into the app, to promote your business range, it’s essential to concentrate on various niches as an entrepreneur. Applications like Gojek are in pressing need to improve business in different places.

To support the demand, super apps like Gojek are made convenient to build cost-effectively. At the same time, entrepreneurs are comfortable picking these remade solutions to save time and money.

On the other hand, these apps are easy to configure for multiple services from online delivery, ride-hailing, home service, beauty and salon, and many more under one app. This also includes online fund transfer options. 

These apps facilitate multiple revenue streams and open to a broader arena of business opportunities to explore and learn. These super multiservice apps like Gojek also provide space for entrepreneurs to carry different thriving businesses under one roof monitored by other admins in the same niches. Thereby promotes joint ventures and partnerships business. 

These multiservice apps, in a way, not just benefit the entrepreneurs but also their users to experience luxury in their own space as most of the services offered here are home-related or home delivered. And this attracts more users to use these services and get benefited through a vast source of assistance. 

Business prosperity through Gojek clone apps

The app has capabilities to explore the business operations, adjusting to the needs and requirements of the activities. Here are a few benefits of the Gojek clone app highlighted below. 

  1. Increase of customer base to the business
  2. Different varieties of services are offered under one app. 
  3. Connects diversified users and vendors. 
  4. One-time easy investment with improved solutions.
  5. Global attention to the app, thereby more audience.
  6. Multiple revenue streaming applications
  7. Vendor and admin experience mutual growth.
  8. One step ahead of the international competitors. 

Calculations to build your Multiservice app 

There are multiple calculations to build your super app. First, the app’s engagement is significant, and from that perspective, there are three stages involved to develop your Multiservice Gojek clone app. 

  • Demand Focus

There was a more significant increase in the user community when Wechat introduced its chat facility. After reaching a massive success in terms of gaining more audience, the app then concentrated on monetizing the tool. With the increased traffic, it introduced WeChat Pay to ease C2C transactions. This Ecommerce payment portal drives users to make payments via the app. That eventually promoted business transactions in the app. 

The demand side economy worked here in Wechat. First, by understanding the needs of the users, the business implements strategies to gain more users. And then, with the reach we monetize—the increased audience improves the value of the product. 

This scaling is found very common in most online games, dating apps, sites, social networks, etc. Most users have valuable communities in the apps that most of them wish to prolong and not shut down. With the increased popularity, the app can also traffic more revenue through advertisements and charges. 

  • Supply Focus

 The other strategy to concentrate on while developing your super app like Gojek is considering the supply side to scale up the economy. This strategy is comparatively not very easy to defend. For example, we take an ATM. Most of the nationalized and centralized banks have their ATM every nook and corner, which will not make anything special for being their customer. But for a new competitor who wants to take the place of the official banks, they can incorporate as many ATMs as they can to gain more popularity. This can shoot up the supply side of the business. But eliminates the demand-side focus of the company.

The business should hold its place, capitalizing on every new user and lock in a traditional network boundary. 

Through single service apps, the diversity is reduced to grow the popular toy of the business. But through Multiple service apps like Gojek, the users are provided with broader service facilities so that the user gets to experience a versatile and diverse experience that shoots the business strategies. 

Say you avail taxi service in your Gojek clone app, the driver is not always benefited, but when they have ordered, they gain incentives. These are not permanent. To increase the traffic, the entrepreneurs have to improve the service utilization and increase the chance for more user traffic.  

Similar Multiservice apps

The tag Super app goes with most popular Southeast Asian country apps like Grab, WeChat, Gojek. These three came into existence as new startup companies and now have been outcasted into a more significant revenue stream. 

Listed below are amazing multiservice apps like Gojek having incredible user traffic into them. 

  1. Gojek: a multiservice application providing services benefiting millions of users. This app is very much ready to offer in terms of home service from plumbing to electrician, cleaning, and everything. Similarly, it provides taxi service and delivery. 
  2. Grab: operating in southeast Asian countries like Singapore, a successful startup began with a Taxi-hailing service and now has extended e-payments, food delivery, and others.
  3. WeChat: an app that started as for conversation, now extended to ease payment. Both B2B and C2C payments are well crafted. 
  4. Alipay: this is backed by Alibaba, providing E payments facilities, financial services, ride-hailing, e-commerce, etc. It is operating in India, PayTM is its alibi.
  5. Rappi: an app that facilitated clients with courier service, and now it has extended to scooter ride-sharing, financial assistance, e-payment facility opening in Latin America, Canada, and nearby states. 
  6. Amazon: a global giant providing e-commerce services with ticket booking facility, online wallet, payment gateway, ride-hailing services, food delivery, etc

Final Verdict

A Multiservice app is a remade solution to take your business in the Multinational market. With Gojek Clone apps, it’s straightforward and convenient to carry out your business activities in different niches at ease. 

With white label solutions and improved technical support, get your super app build at ease through clone script technology. It reduces the cost of erection, boosts flexibility, and reduces time. 

In the current situation, Multiservice apps help in carrying out different business activities in a well-coordinated manner. Get your flexible Super app developed to push your business standards.

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