While reading about a product’s instructions, most people go for tutorial videos. Making a video tutorial may be intimidating. Sometimes it becomes a tough task to create a video tutorial for experts. And for beginners, it is obviously a difficult thing.

The main question is how to create a good tutorial video. Most people want to make their video impressive but they are confused about how to make an effective tutorial.

However, you do not need to worry about this because this article definitely helps you. You just stay with us and read this full article to eliminate all your confusion regarding making tutorial videos.

Some of the important tips on making an effective video tutorial. These will help you a lot.

Use A Good Microphone

Using a good quality microphone is so necessary if you make videos on a daily basis. It is better to use a USB microphone instead of using an in-built computer’s microphone. Because using a computer’s microphone can lead to shuffling sound.

So you should use a good microphone for a better sound for your video.

Clear Delivery Of Information

The most important question is how to create a good instructional video? You must try to make clear delivery of your information and define the objective of the video to the viewers. For that, you should first plan for the video. Like how to start working on tutorials and clarify the objectives of the video to the viewers.

You can use some phrases like “Users will know” or “ Viewers will understand”. These types of phrases can help you to interact with the viewers. And also for clearing the objective of your video.

Selecting Good Screen Recording Software

Screen recording is a good option to generate video tutorials. Because viewers can watch the process as well as hear your instructions.

For the recording screen, you need screen recording software. One of the best screen recording software is Camtasia. It is used for recording screens with audio as well as video editing.

Also, Camtasia offers some discounts in a year, if you use the Camtasia Coupon Code you can get this software at a discount price. For creating good tutorial videos selecting a Best Video Editing Software is very important.

Good Location For Recording

You must try to record video in sound surroundings and avoid too much background noise. Because it affects the clarity of the video and the information will not reach clearly to the viewers.

Also while recording the screen you should keep notice that your private information should not be recorded with the video. If you do not take care of this, it might be risky for your personal information.

By using this tip you can save your time while recording a video instead of editing it after recording.

Learn Before Recording

How to make a professional tutorial video? For this, you should rehearse before recording. While you create a tutorial, what you speak matters the most. So you must practice before you start making a video tutorial. For the viewers, the information will reach them through your words. You should speak in a proper way. Not so excited or so dull that the viewers could not understand what you have said.

In most of the studies, many people like to hear a human voice as per computer’s generated tutorial versions.

Your voice should be in a good tone so that the active pace can be maintained between you and the user.

You should not speak like you are reading any script, just speak like you are interacting with the users. Explain every detail about the objective of your video. The most important thing is you must pace your microphone correctly before recording the tutorial video.

Choosing The Right Platform To Upload Video

Choosing a good platform for uploading your video is very important. If you upload the video on YouTube it will reach a large audience. However, YouTube is a broad platform but it provides videos freely available to its users. But if your video contains a lot of information, you can upload it on popular eLearning websites like Skillshare or Udemy. Or if you want to make professional video tutorials. You have to select the right platform to upload your videos like Instagram, Youtube Or Tiktok.

Determine Viewer’s Behaviour

To enhance the quality of your video you must evaluate the audience’s behavior towards your videos. You must check the comments to know what changes the viewers want. And you can improve your video according to them.

This will let you connect your video to your video connected with the audience if you make changes according to them.


Making a video tutorial is not as hard as it seems. If you follow these tips you will surely create a good video. In this article, we have specially mentioned the specific points that will help you to make a better tutorial video. These points will give you the best experience while recording a video and enhance your skills.

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