As part of MISA, Traced will partner with Microsoft to enable customers to defend against cyber attacks and data breaches without invading privacy.

Oxford, UK – 28 June 2022 – Traced, UK-based pioneers of AI-powered mobile threat detection, has announced today that it has joined the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA), an ecosystem of independent software vendors and managed security service providers that have integrated their solutions to better defend against a world of increasing threats.

Traced was nominated for membership for its Zero-Trust capabilities for mobile devices, which protects businesses against data breaches and cyber attacks by restricting access to company data from untrusted and compromised mobile devices.

Traced’s Mobile Threat Defence solution, Trustd MTD, integrates with Microsoft Azure Active Directory to uniquely protect and achieve compliance to all mobiles used for business, whether they’re managed or unmanaged; corporate or personal; or, known or unknown.

As Trustd MTD doesn’t require devices to be managed, employees can rest assured that their privacy is protected as, unlike with other mobile security solutions, Trustd doesn’t share privacy-sensitive information like which websites users browse to, their location nor the apps they have installed.

This unique approach makes the combined security power of Trustd MTD with Microsoft Azure Active Directory a perfect fit for any business who allows employees to access company data from personal devices.

Traced CEO and co-founder Benedict Jones said,
“By joining MISA, Traced will work closely alongside Microsoft to protect businesses against growing risks of costs and damages arising from mobile threats like malware and phishing.  Microsoft Azure AD users will be protected as the Trustd app will verify their mobile devices are trusted and provide access to company data like email, cloud storage and company apps.”
Traced’s free consumer app has been downloaded by more than 250,000 users globally, and their privacy-first ethos, commitment to zero ads or data tracking, and advanced phishing, malware and network threat detection has earned them high ratings and several industry awards.

Traced’s Mobile Threat Defence solution for organisations provides real-time, on-device, intelligent visibility of mobile-borne threats to prevent data breaches and ensure users’ security compliance.

Trustd MTD integrates directly with Microsoft Azure AD Conditional Access Policies to protect businesses and their data by enforcing Zero-Trust principles to mobile device users.

About Traced

The Traced ( team of security and privacy evangelists has won several cybersecurity awards and works with Microsoft’s MISA program, the Coalition Against Stalkerware, and the NCSC for Startups. Combining the threat intelligence from 250k+ protected mobile devices with that of other industry vendors, Traced’s ever-evolving AI technology stays one step ahead of the cyber criminals, protecting individuals and businesses from data loss from mobile phishing attacks, compromised WiFi networks, unpatched devices, malware and leaky apps.

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