Cloud IT architecture overlaps extensively with conventional on-site servers. Still, it also has more complex layers and new learning tools. For this reason, effective cloud implementation must create a strong cloud team.

A managed service provider will help you complete cloud competencies and build a flexible and resilient cloud platform for apps and data. But if you’re looking for continued progress in the cloud, a cloud architect goes a long way on your IT team.

What is a Cloud Architect?

Cloud computing architecture refers to the cloud computing’s components and subcomponents required. Usually, these elements are a front-end platform, a back-end platform, a cloud-based supply, and a network. These elements combine to create an architecture for cloud computing.

A Cloud Architect converts the technological needs into an architecture and design that will direct the end product. Cloud Architects also often bridge the differences between complex business challenges and cloud solutions. Other team members, including DevOps engineers and developers, work with Cloud Architect to ensure that the correct technology or technologies are created.

Career outlook

Continuing education is a vital aspect of the work of a cloud architect. Technology – especially cloud computing – is rapidly changing, and the latest development is needed to be kept informed. It would not necessarily be formal training, certifications, or specialist cloud architect courses: keeping the knowledge up to date equally often means reading business and technical journals and providing experts in the area. Cloud computing certifications can be an excellent way to improve your skills and display your skills.

What does a Cloud Architect do?

Daily roles may range from recruitment of cloud talent to the assessment of current and potential cloud-based applications/software, creation of the cloud broker team (or, as we will describe in a moment), best practice cloud development, choice, and screening of service providers, management of governance and risk programs, budget and cost management and scaling infrastructure.

Collaboration and knowledge of the new cloud platforms, suppliers, and integration tools are valuable for the cloud architect. They should also have an understanding of business IT at many levels.

For the cloud architect, soft skills beyond IT include management capabilities, networking, teamwork, expertise in finances or budgets, vendor management, and strategic leadership. In particular, this is a managerial position that works in conjunction with various IT teams, business partners, managers of other IT-free businesses, and a range of vendors.

A cloud architect will come from several distinct ways, including the IT team (architects, engineers, and officers) of your company or even the business sector if an applicant is incredibly technically skilled.

The opportunity to access and reimburse leading cloud providers and virtualization platforms’ certifications is a perfect way to turn current team members into a Cloud architect.

Massive demand for Cloud Architects

While the entire cloud architecture and cloud services teams add hundreds or more positions to your IT organization chart, only a few and your current administrators and engineers will allow you to do this. Cloud Architect is one of these prominent positions.

Cloud Architects are also in high demand. The role is defined as leading cultural changes in the use and adoption of clouds, creating and coordinating cloud architecture, and developing a cloud strategy.

Who can avail Cloud Architect Certification training course?

There are no such criteria to attend for Google Certified Architect certification exam. It is suitable for practitioners with one to two years of experience working as a manager, solution architect, operations manager, and cloud architect.

For this course, the following professionals can go:

  • Professionals who want to clear Google Cloud Certified – Professional Cloud Architect exams
  • Individuals who want to build their reputation and value in the market as experienced cloud architects
  • Solutions Architects
  • System Administrators
  • Technical Leads
  • Infrastructure Architects
  • Cloud Professionals
  • Site Reliability Engineers

What are essential skills required?

If you plan to become a cloud architect, you should have experience in cloud computing or related technical fields. If you feel comfortable with most or at least some of the following concepts, you will probably be on the right path.

  • Good knowledge of the well-known operating system: Candidates should have at least knowledge of Linux, Unix, Solaris, Ubuntu, Windows. Having any Linux operating system (Ubuntu or Red Hat) but prior experience as an administrator or architect in one of the well-known operating systems is also helpful.
  • Strong networking knowledge: Should have familiarity with TCP/IP, IP addresses, HTTP, DNS concepts before entering into a cloud architect role.
  • Computer programming languages: At least a minimum understanding of a programming language or scripting is essential. It may not be a must, but it certainly will help.
  • Security: Cloud security is critical, and therefore the Cloud Architect needs to understand high-level security concepts. There is also a need for initial awareness of basic security concepts, such as firewalls.

About Cloud Architect Certification training course

The training course for Google Cloud Architect Certification is designed based on Google Cloud Certified – Professional Cloud Architect exams. The training course for Cloud Architect is about getting new students acquainted with the basic concepts and then building a closer knowledge of the Google Cloud Platform. You will learn to manage GCP services, such as computing services, database services, Security, Network, and IAM services.

The certification training for Google Cloud Architect is planned to follow industry standards. Top industry experts in cloud architecture provide the training. It gives you a solid basis for the Google Cloud Certified – Professional Cloud Architect exam. This training course for Google Cloud Architects allows you to create and manage a scalable, stable, and highly accessible cloud-based solution for your business needs. This certification course for Google Cloud architects includes demonstrations, assignments, MCQ, and certification projects to help you master concepts.

Bottom line

Cloud Architect is a key and highly demanded job with endless opportunities. And with continuing exponential growth projected in the next few years, it is undoubtedly a step forward to become a certified cloud architect, both as a career option and an opportunity to embark upon all new and exciting innovations that must emerge in the cloud arena.

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