Are you interested in a sales career? Great choice!People with sales jobs have a high earning potential and often clear career paths within their organization. In addition, sales careers are great to pursue because many don’t require an advanced degree.

The demand for salespeople in every sector is extremely high and continues to rise. You may be asking yourself why more people aren’t jumping on this opportunity.

A lot of it comes down to misinformation. When most people think of sales, they think of cold calling and pressure sales tactics. Fortunately, sales are much more than that and have plenty of job variety. Every company in every category utilizes sales to drive and expand its business. 

Check out this list for the most in-demand sales careers in 2022 – you’re sure to find a position that speaks to you!

Major Gifts Officer

A major gifts officer finds potential major donors for a nonprofit company and cultivates lasting relationships with them. 

Part of your job is to work closely with team members and organize fundraising events; you would also need to be able to travel to prospective donors and arrange meetings. Being in the public eye is a possibility, since you may need to write press releases and communicate with prospective donors (and the public) via social media. 

This position aims to raise large amounts of money from wealthy donors. Needless to say, interpersonal and “soft” skills are essential for this job.

Education Requirements

You will need a bachelor’s degree in communication or a related field. 

But experience is just as important as education for major gifts officers. You can start in an entry-level fundraising position and work your way up.


The median annual salary for a major gifts officer is $118,430.

Job Outlook

This public relations sales job is projected to grow 13% in the next decade, faster than the average position. You can expect a steady growth of around 9,000 jobs added per year.

Sales Engineer

Sales engineers are skilled at breaking down complex products and services so that their company’s clients can understand what they’re purchasing. 

Sales engineers facilitate the sales process by educating sales representatives on how to sell the product.

 A typical day for a sales engineer involves meeting with clients and sales reps, which often includes traveling. You would be explaining confusing concepts to other businesses in an engaging way for B2B sales.

You would need technical skills to understand complex processes and soft skills for building rapport.

If this calls out to you, you may also be served by  a career in software sales!

Education Requirements

Sales engineers will typically have a bachelor’s degree in engineering or a similar field. It’s also beneficial to have previous experience in a sales role to understand how the process works.


The median annual salary for a sales engineer is $108,830.

Job Outlook

Job seekers can expect sales engineer jobs to grow 8% over the next decade, with around 7,300 jobs added every year.

Account Executive

An account executive in sales manages existing client accounts. Account executives are in charge of keeping a client satisfied, growing, and renewing their account. 

Companies know that it’s easier and more cost-effective to keep the clients they already have than to find new ones. Account executives work to maintain and grow client accounts.

You will need to have excellent interpersonal and negotiation skills for this position, and the ability to manage a project. Your daily goals will consist of leading a team, setting goals, and solving account issues. 

Education Requirements

You will need at least a bachelor’s degree or higher to be considered for an account executive position. You will also need extensive sales experience. Most execs start as junior account executives and work their way up to a senior position.


The median annual pay for an account executive is $107,689.

Job Outlook

You can expect this job to grow by 8% in the next ten years, adding about 247,000 jobs each year.

Sales Manager

A sales manager builds and leads a team of salespeople in an organization. A sales manager is responsible for setting goals and creating a sales plan. They train and mentor their subordinates to help them improve their sales skills and earn more profits for the company.

Sales managers need to have technical skills so that they can collect and analyze data to form a sales strategy. They also need interpersonal skills to communicate effectively with both peers and customers.

It’s important to note that you can usually expect to work long hours and travel frequently in this position.

Education Requirements

Sales managers typically have a bachelor’s degree and past experience as sales representatives.


The average annual salary for a sales manager is $132,290.

Job Outlook

Job seekers can expect a rise of 7% over the next ten years and an average increase of 37,000 sales manager jobs per year. 

Insurance Sales Agent

An insurance sales agent generates new business by selling insurance to prospective clients. Insurance agents help clients find suitable insurance packages for their lifestyles by explaining the benefits of different policies.

Sales agents either work directly for a company or for a brokerage where they sell policies from multiple companies.

Most of the time, you will be in your office. But you may need to travel sometimes in this position. You might spend most evenings preparing presentations for clients or catching up on paperwork.

Education Requirements

Most employers only require insurance sales agents to have a high school diploma, but a bachelor’s is still advisable. Prior sales experience is also a plus. You will need to get licensed in the state where you work to sell insurance within it.


The average annual salary for an insurance sales agent is $52,180.

Job Outlook

You can expect an increase of 7% for insurance sales agents over the next decade, with an increase of 50,400 openings per year.

Wholesale and Manufacturing Sales Representative

Wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives sell goods to businesses directly from the manufacturer. These sales representatives follow leads and utilize directories to find prospective buyers.

Sales representatives discuss all aspects of a product and negotiate terms and prices. Wholesale and manufacturing representatives work directly for manufacturers and wholesalers, and sometimes for multiple companies at once.

There are technical and non-technical roles within this position. A technical role will require you to understand complex scientific products.

If you’re interested in a tech career like this, see what top-paying jobs are currently hiring now!

Education Requirements

For non-technical roles, a high school diploma is sufficient. For technical positions, you may need a bachelor’s degree. Sales experience is a plus, but not necessary.


The median annual salary for this position is $65,420.

Job Outlook

You can expect this job to rise in demand by 5% over the next ten years, with an average of 169,400 positions added yearly.

Travel Agent

Travel agents sell packages to clients for hotels, flights, rental cars, and activities. Travel agents put together a complete vacation package, including a full itinerary, scheduled tours, and bonus or premium activities such as spa services. 

Many travel agents are self-employed or work for a travel agency. They spend most of their day on the phone or in front of a computer, arranging travel plans for clients. 

This role requires you to have excellent customer service and communication skills. 

Education Requirements

Most travel agencies only require you to have a high school diploma, but many prefer candidates to also have previous sales experience. 


The average annual salary for a travel agent is $42,350.

Job Outlook

This job will increase by 5% over the next ten years, with an annual increase of 7,500 openings.

Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services Sales Agent

Financial services sales agents bring buyers and sellers together in finance-based industries. The job overview includes conducting trades, selling securities, and advising companies on investor choices.

Finance sales is a demanding and stressful job that requires you to be on your “A-game.” It’s a fast-paced and exciting career where you need analytical, customer service, and decision-making skills.

Education Requirements

You will need a bachelor’s degree for an entry-level position in this field. To advance your career, you will likely need a master’s degree. 


The annual median salary for a financial services sales agent is $64,770.

Job Outlook

This career will rise 4% in the next decade, adding 42,500 jobs annually. 

Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents connect with clients who are looking to buy, sell, or rent a property. Realtors find housing for interested buyers and help clients sell their houses for a desirable price.

You must have excellent communication and negotiation skills in this position, as you will spend much of your time brokering deals between buyers and sellers. 

Many real estate agents are self-employed and set their own hours (although they’re usually long, especially if the agent works in a desirable real estate market). 

Education Requirements

Each state requires you to take real estate courses and pass an exam to receive a realtor license. 


The median annual salary for real estate agents is $51,220.

Job Outlook

Real estate agent jobs will rise 4% in the next ten years, with 47,500 positions added annually.

Advertising Sales Agent

Advertising agents sell advertising space and time for TV, radio, and the internet. Their daily responsibilities include finding potential clients, creating presentations, and maintaining client relations.

Sales and communication skills are essential for this role.

Education Requirements

Most employers will accept a high school diploma for an entry-level advertising sales agent position. You will most likely need a bachelor’s degree to gain a higher-level role.


The median annual salary for advertising sales agents is $54,940.

Job Outlook

This job will grow 3% over the next decade and add 14,800 positions a year.

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