Vecoplan AG is your reliable partner when you need machinery for shredding, conveying, and machinery for aid in the processing of raw materials obtained in recycling processes. Due to its long experience in the market, Vecoplan has become the leader in the field and it´s the first choice for many companies around the world. 

Since the company’s inception, Vecoplan has set the standard when it comes to technological advances and R&D in the market. Everything we do is aimed to improve the experience of the users of the machinery. Vecoplan’s mission is to give its customers a competitive edge in their industry. 

Technical Advantage. 

One of the main aspects that distinguish Vecoplan from the rest is the fact that our machines and systems are tailored to the materials and processes of your application. All of this is possible thanks to Vecoplan´s technical center which has one of the most advanced development centers in the world. 

Vecoplan Shredding machines.

Vecoplan shredding catalog is diverse depending on the application and number of shafts:

Single-shaft shredders (VAZ) small series

This is the most versatile and widely used machine. It can be operated with or without additional feeding systems depending on the application. The hydraulically driven ram feeds the material to the rotor. The rotor system, developed and patented in 1989, can handle almost all materials.

Single shaft series are classified in size: 

  1. Single-shaft shredders (VAZ) small series
  • VHZ 800-1300
  • VHZ 1300-1600
  • VAZ 800
  • VAZ 1100XL
  • VDS 800

2. Single-shaft shredders (VAZ) Medium Duty Services

  • VAZ 1300 New Generation
  • VAZ 1600
  • VHD 1600
  • VAZ 1800

3. Single-shaft shredders (VAZ) Heavy Duty Services

  • Shredder VAZ 2500 heavy-duty  

4. Plastic shredders

  • V-ECO Series
  • VIZ 1300-1700

5. Alternative Fuel Shredders 

  • VEZ 3200
  • VEZ 2500

6. Double Shaft Shredders

Double-shaft shredders are rugger heavy-duty machines that have an output of up to 100 to per hour. Double-shaft re-shredders are equipped with pneumatic machine damage protection, the so-called Flipper. They are designed as pre-shredders or re-shredders and are suitable for processing wood as well as municipal solid and commercial waste.

Among the key features we can mention:

-Drive capacity from 2 x 75 kW to 2 x 250 kW.

– Output capacity from 10,000 to 100,000 kg/h

– 1.90 m to 3.10 m long rotors for directly feeding the hopper, which has a capacity of up to 20 cubic meters.

– No additional equipment, such as post presser or tilting hopper, is required

In this category, we can find the Combined Shredder-Granulator VDZ 110 and the Horizontal Grinder VTH 45/12/3.

Presenting Cutmetall. 

Cutmetall is a company which a primary objective: becoming your reliable partner for replacement parts, for different applications within the reuse and recycling industry. Our main focus is placed on quality, to improve your processes and bring your company forward. Curmetall products are used to create solutions that will enable you to grow while breaking your input materials more effectively. 

Cutmetall offers services in three different areas.

As a manufacturer, Cutmetall produces high-quality machine knives and wear parts to give customers longer machine run times and fewer service intervals which will translate into a better output. 

AS a service provider, Cutmetall develops innovative products, in the form of custom-made spare parts, and components to improve the performance of any shredding machinery. 

As a consultant, we provide our customers with technical competence and industry expertise to improve their processes. You can make important informed decisions and receive solutions from our world-class experts.  

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