The show follows the adventures of now 6-year-old twins, Vincent and Zyana, including their travels, pranks, games and music.
Hop on board for their travels and activities along the way, including visiting LegoLand, San Diego; Hershey World, Las Vegas and Dubai’s Atlantis Aquaventure.
Vince and Zyana is set to be released both locally and internationally this upcoming year.

Kids’ Edutainment During Lockdown
During lockdown, many parents were faced with the challenge of having to keep their kids entertained, educated and happy whilst spending prolonged periods of time at home. At the time, no one knew how long the lockdown would last. Schools and businesses were closed, leaving many families able to spend far more quality time together, and parents to bond more with kids. For many families, the challenge became balancing screen time and educational learning for children, whilst faced with limited forms of entertainment throughout the day.

The Creation of Vince and Zyana
After spending much time paying attention to what his (then 4-year-old) twins, Vincent and Zyana, were watching online, Kam Enenmoh discovered a special interest in creating videos about their everyday lives and adventures in Lagos, Nigeria, where their family currently resides. Born to a Filipino American mom and Nigerian dad, the twins both have rich, eclectic personalities, which adds to the intriguing dynamic of the videos. During lockdown, the twins had to explore different forms of edutainment, providing inspiration for what has now developed into the series, entitled Vince and Zyana.

Most of Kam’s professional experience was in oil and gas trading, however, when lockdown hit, business was completely closed. With a Finance degree from Michigan State University and MBA from Texas Southern University, Kam never imagined he would enter the lucrative world of social media until he saw the influence of online edutainment on his kids during lockdown. Most episodes of Vince and Zyana are relatively short in length – between 2- and 6-minutes long, as compared to an average 20-minute-long TV show – making them ideal for young kids who find it difficult to focus for long stretches of time. The action-packed videos feature kid-friendly special effects, sound effects and a green screen, intertwining innovative technology into the storyline, which also include basic educational knowledge on subjects like the alphabet, colours, different kinds of fruits, and animals.

Cast of Vince and Zyana
The main characters of Vince and Zyana are of course, the twins, who are now 6-years-old, and both have their own individual quirks and personalities. Witty, artistic Zyana loves analysing events and situations, leading to a host of hilarious facial expressions and reactions. She loves to dance, loves arts and crafts, and pranking the whole family whilst at it. Basketball-loving Vincent enjoys playing sports and his all-time favourite basketball superstar is Brooklyn Nets pro player, Kevin Durant. He enjoys singing and is a natural-born leader.

Vincent and Zyana’s nanny, Nimfa, also features regularly in the episodes. Originally from San Diego, Kam’s wife has appeared once or twice on the show, but prefers helping out behind the scenes, rather than being in front of the camera. They also have a 1-year-old baby boy, named Christian.

Travels Across San Diego and Las Vegas
During their global travels, the series follows the children around the world as they visit different places and try out exciting, educational activities. Viewers will journey alongside their travels to San Diego, where the kids visited places such as LegoLand; Sweetwater Bike Park; the Maritime Museum; USS Midway Museum; Carlsbad Pumpkin Patch; Grape Park; and Birch Aquarium. Hop on board towards Santa Monica Pier, then Las Vegas, featuring M&M World and Hershey World, as well as a huge indoor playground.

Their First Dubai Experience
Other Vince and Zyana episodes feature their very first journey to Dubai this past Christmas, with every day including a brand-new kid-focused activity. These include visiting the world’s largest mall; the Dubai Marina; Atlantic Aquaventure; Lost Chambers Aquarium; LegoLand Water Park; a Desert Safari Cruise; Indoor Skydiving at IFLY Dubai; Museum of Illusions; Glow Park; Dinosaur Park; 3D Museum; Butterfly Garden; Miracle Garden; Ski Dubai and Jumeirah Beach. The episodes shot during their travels tend to be unscripted and based on the kids’ daily lives as they learn about the world and new forms of exciting entertainment.

Vince and Zyana in Lagos, Nigeria
So far, over 200-episodes of Vince and Zyana shot in Lagos, are planned and scripted, focusing on topics such as adventures, music, dance, sports and hilarious pranks on the twins’ nanny. The kids are also talented at singing and have recorded several songs in-studio, for which they are currently developing music videos to go alongside. Music genres include house, pop, rock, afrobeats and amapiano, allowing viewers to explore new forms of entertainment and quality kids’ content.

Episode: A Nightmare
Viewers can anticipate action-packed storylines, including the episode entitled, A Nightmare. Zyana drinks from a bottle of juice she found on the dining table and loves the taste so much that she decides to tell Vincent about it, so they can both share. It turns out the mystery drink turns her invincible…

Toothpaste Prank on Nimfa
Vincent and Zyana have a lightbulb moment and decide to play a prank on their nanny by replacing the icing on top of cookies with toothpaste! Whilst Nimfa is distracted, the kids scrape the icing off the cookies and instead, ice them with toothpaste. Hilariously, Nimfa takes a bite…

Online Launch of Vince and Zyana
The reality adventure show for kids is set to release this upcoming year, both locally and internationally, and will be available on YouTube in the form of 2- to 6-minute-long episodes.

To keep up with the twins and their everyday lives, visit their Instagram page and Facebook, featuring behind-the-scenes content and daily antics alongside their family.

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