Founded in 2020 by Dr Ivan Bonchev, Apollo Art Auctions presents a wide range of art and collectibles for sale, with a particular focus on Ancient and Medieval coins as well as Ancient, Islamic and Asian art.

Based in central London, Apollo Art Auctions’ regular catalogues cater to a large international audience of collectors. Each lot undergoes rigorous vetting by a panel of experts and consultants and is professionally photographed and catalogued.

Serving a database of 20,000 clients from more than 70 countries, Apollo Art Auctions is a recognised market leader in the field of pre-16th century art and antiquities. Apollo Art Auctions also offers a full spectrum of services to assist clients in the authentication, restoration and valuation of both single antiquities and whole collections.

Apollo Art Auctions uses thermoluminescence (TL) testing, a scientific method used to calculate the age of ceramic and terracotta pieces, to authenticate items. A TL test involves an experienced technician taking a small sample of the item from a discreet location before testing it in a laboratory. The test can accurately calculate the date upon which the artefact was last fired in a kiln, within a range of +/- 300 years, with the full result published in a professional report.

Radiocarbon dating is a scientific technique that is used to accurately determine the age of pieces containing organic materials, such as wood. Similarly to TL tests, the process involves an experienced technician removing a small sample of the item from a discreet location and having it tested in the lab. Radiocarbon testing measures the amount of a radioactive carbon isotope called carbon-14, calibrating this amount in calendar years. Apollo Art Auctions uses this method on particularly rare artefacts or by special request.

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) testing is a scientific method used to calculate the composition of metal pieces. The technique is often employed by archaeologists to unlock the secrets behind a newly discovered artefact. Apollo uses XRF testing on gold jewellery, Chinese bronzes and rare weaponry.

Apollo Art Auctions also offers specialist cleaning, restoration and maintenance services, with work conducted by a highly skilled team. Apollo Art Auctions prides itself on conserving unique pieces of history for future generations, including challenging repairs, as well as offering custom stands to display items both at home and in museums.

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