On-demand applications with their huge set of benefits have procured a top place in the business marketplace. Over the impending decades, these on-demand apps will thrive and continue enhancing the lifestyle of users. Out of the on-demand apps, the delivery apps are the prominent ones, and the pandemic was the major reason for people heading towards these delivery services.

While these on-demand delivery services are flexible, the pandemic forced them to be more flexible in different aspects. So, the core of this blog will be an elaborate discussion on the effects of the pandemic on the delivery business and the recent trends.

Trends introduced in the delivery businesses in recent times

  • More importance to contactless solutions

The most effective trend in the delivery business is contactless solutions. Right from payments to delivery, everything is carried out on a contactless basis. For example, in restaurants, door delivery of orders is prevalent, irrespective of the pandemic. But the contactless delivery facility was introduced and the delivery persons are given instructions to hand over the orders without any direct contact with the customers.

Similarly, contactless deliveries are being carried out in every delivery-based business. Next, contactless payment is given utmost importance by adding multiple modes for making payment and disabling the cash-on-delivery option.

  • Implementation of advanced technologies

We know that delivery businesses are implementing contactless delivery options. Well, in order to keep a check on whether the delivery persons strictly follow the safety standards, an array of advanced technologies has been incorporated into the on-demand apps. Let us unearth them.

First of all, the on-demand delivery apps have a mask-recognizing feature. While preparing for the delivery, the delivery persons have to capture their pictures in selfie mode and then upload the same on the app. The app will scan the picture and give permission to the delivery persons if they are wearing the masks. Without clearing this initial mask check, delivery persons cannot move on to the next step.

Next, in on-demand taxi apps, several safety features were also introduced and one among them is the mask-recognizer, which we discussed just before. In addition, the app has a safety checklist, which has to be filled by the users and the drivers as well. Out of all, only a restricted number of passengers are allowed to take the ride in the same car. And of course, only digital payments are accepted as part of the safety standards.

Ultimately, with the aid of these safety features, on-demand apps were able to thrive and also gain the loyalty of users.

  • QR code enablement

QR code enablement is not a new concept. Though it has been in existence for a long time, the pandemic has projected the need for this technology to a greater extent. QR code scanner feature can be viewed both as a safety and a time-saving feature as well.

Post lockdown relaxations, people started visiting restaurants, and for them, a QR code scanner is the best choice for placing orders. First of all, the necessity for circulating printed menu cards is eliminated, which will otherwise cause the spread of the virus. Next to this, using the QR code-enabled app, users can quickly scan the code and order the items, which will save time.

Overall, the QR code scanning feature has become prevalent in restaurants and grocery stores.

  • Online table reservation

Similar to how users are able to book orders online conveniently, they must be given the feature to book tables online. The online table reservation feature adds benefits to your business in two ways. First of all, through this feature, users will book the number of tables they want through the app. There is no room for disappointments, which is the case if users visit the restaurant in person.

The next benefit is that users will stick with your restaurant if they get this convenience of booking tables online.

  • Kitchen management software

The hassles involved in managing the inventory and the kitchen process led to the development of the kitchen management software. This software can be integrated with the food delivery app and you can monitor the orders and manage the kitchen process simultaneously.

The inventory management software integrated with the food delivery app helps you manage your business efficiently. Moreover, this software will help you to get a clear picture of the stocks, which will reduce food wastage. Since the app will let you know the quantity of each raw material, you don’t have to stock excess quantities nor run out of stock.

Likewise, managing the kitchen operations will need careful planning and attention. With an automated kitchen management system, you will get to know every detail regarding the kitchen staff and order preparation.

  • Availability of multiple services

The list of trends in the on-demand sector cannot be concluded without mentioning the availability of multiple services in a single on-demand app. Users are given a sequence of delivery services to choose from. Usually, a multi-service app features taxi booking, digital payment services, grocery delivery, food delivery, etc. Other than these highly preferred services, you can append handyman services, home services, babysitting services, etc., to the app.

The development of a multi-delivery app solution is gaining attention as users can access many on-demand services in a single app.

  • More focus on grocery delivery services

During the pandemic, grocery delivery businesses were highlighting and also overtook the sales of food delivery businesses. The dip in sales of food delivery businesses led to the inclusion of grocery delivery services. Restaurants started considering grocery delivery services so that they can keep their brand name alive among their customers.

Finishing lines

The major revenue channel in these delivery services is the subscription plan. Users can opt for the subscription plan and avail themselves of free delivery services. As discussed, these are the popular trends that have penetrated the on-demand delivery businesses in recent years. The major part of technological advancements in on-demand delivery businesses is due to the pandemic. An excellent idea to thrive in this ever-growing market is to launch the on-demand multi-delivery app.

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