Online education is at its peak as this mode of consuming knowledge is flexible for learners. Not just that, learners get exposed to a pool of educational resources, which makes them ever-engaged in online learning platforms.

Udemy – A forerunner among the online learning platforms

Udemy doesn’t restrict itself from providing resources related to academic and professional learning. But the app lists courses related to fine arts, photography, lifestyle, and personal development. Users can fine-tune their selection by using the category feature. Though there are multiple online educational platforms that are mushrooming, Udemy has reserved its spot by listing a diverse range of courses.

What are the requisites for Udemy like app development?

Entrepreneurs like you who are interested in online educational businesses are darting towards developing a robust platform. You can develop your educational app similar to Udemy with the Udemy clone app solution.

Nowadays, ready-made app scripts are procuring the limelight for their traits like immediate launch and cost-effectiveness. The Udemy clone is a masterstroke e-learning app development solution that has been replicated from the original Udemy app. Since this ready-made clone app shows benefits like discussed above, you can head to this kind of clone app development for your e-learning app.

In this section, we will discuss the requirements of your e-learning app so that the app will attract learners.

  • Gliding user experience

Regardless of any app, the user experience must be smooth and attractive. An e-learning app will be frustrating for users if they find it difficult to move across different screens and access courses. A robust back-end and an interactive user interface are the important aspects of your app that will decide the rate of user engagement. You can get to know whether the app offers smooth functioning or not once you deploy the MVP version.

  • Category of courses

Brand awareness can be achieved in different ways. One of the proven ways to get a reputation for your brand is by providing multiple categories of courses. You can take a look at the category of courses provided in Udemy as they offer a pool of courses starting from development, business, marketing, accounting, music, teaching, lifestyle, personality development, health & fitness, etc.

Get to know the demanding courses among users so that you can add those courses to your e-learning app.

  • Invite tutors

Once you finalize your e-learning app development, you can source tutors for your app. As said, your brand awareness will depend on the courses you provide and also the app you deploy. So, you need to hire certified tutors who come up with highly-researched courses for learners.

As the number of e-learning apps is increasing, attracting learners is difficult. Yet through well-crafted courses, you can pull learners to your app.

  • App development solution

Until now, we were discussing the general aspects of starting a business. Now, let us get into e-learning app development. In order to meet the demand for online courses, you must consider launching your app immediately. For accomplishing this, the Udemy clone will be the best consideration.

Through this app development, you can save yourself from hectic app development processes. With the Udemy clone, you will be able to customize the features, get the app white-labeled and then launch on Android/iOS.

Just these requisites are mandatory for your e-learning app development. We will pass through the typical working model of an e-learning app like Udemy in the next section.

Workflow of an e-learning application

Step 1:  People who are interested in inflating their knowledge will register their details. Likewise, tutors who are interested to post their courses on your app will also register their details. The app will request them to give their username and password to log in.

Step 2: Next step will be accessing the courses through the category section. The search field is a must that will help them to get the course they are interested in within a few seconds.

Step 3: Registered tutors can post courses after the approval of the app’s admin. Once posted, the tutor can track the responses from the learners through the dashboard.

Step 4: Suppose learners are interested in any of the paid courses, they have to add that course to their cart and transfer the amount.

Step 5: Finally, learners can access the course, and tutors will get the payment.

Heading to the next section, you will know the type of features of your e-learning application. Here, we will see the stellar features of the Udemy clone. Let’s get started.

Stellar features available in the Udemy clone

  • Search bar

Finding out the courses is made simple with the help of a search bar. The search bar will also help speed up the searching process.

  • Certificate generation

The learner will take up the course, and after completion, the app will generate the certificate of completion.

  • Course download

It is always important to have a copy of the course for future reference. Hence, the course download feature is necessary for your e-learning app.

  • Reviews

Users can share their suggestions regarding the app’s user interface and the quality of courses through in-app reviews.

  • Post courses

Tutors, after getting approval from the admin can post courses on the app.

  • In-app chat

Tutors can assist learners and clarify their doubts through the chat feature available. Likewise, they can chat with you (admin) and get clarifications regarding the courses posted, payments, etc.

  • Multilingual

Global audiences should be able to access your app, and for that, the multilingual feature is necessary.

  • Admin dashboard

Checking the payments made for courses, approving the courses of tutors, and other management activities can be made through the admin dashboard.


To make a quick entry into the universe of the e-learning industry, launch the Udemy clone as it flaunts a pack of beneficial features.

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