Real estate is more than just selling a plot of land or a construction. You’re selling what could be their primary residence or workplace, as well as their secondary residence. Customers will rely on real estate agents for more than just the property when making a decision. That’s when a real estate agent’s marketing skills come into play. And in the present social media climate, Facebook marketing of estate agents is the real deal.

Here are some excellent Facebook marketing tactics for real estate agents:

Target wisely

Facebook’s precise targeting is what distinguishes it from other social media platforms. In social media marketing for estate agents the reach you can achieve with the proper ad and precise targeting is unfathomable. According to one estimate, Facebook has more than 2.6 billion monthly active members, but how many of them are looking for a home? You can’t afford to spend your hard-earned cash on people who waste their time on Facebook, can you?

Go local

You must ensure that your ad is displayed in the appropriate regions, just as you must ensure that your ad is visible in the appropriate age range. Your ad will be heading downhill if you aren’t advertising locally. Promote in overcrowded neighbourhoods around your house, as well as areas where property values are rising. To make your ad a success, use the Facebook Ad Manager to handle every part of the filter. Reduce the number of possibilities to the most likely ones.

Graphics that captivate

Your graphics are the key to a sale on social media, and real estate is no exception. The right images are used in Facebook marketing. The images you use can make or break your advertisement. You can attract some large clients with stunning photographs of your existing property, since these images are nothing short of a magnet. If you only have two seconds to grab someone’s attention, you’ll need to bring out the major guns of inventiveness and originality.

Ad Copy That Is Simple To Understand

While graphics are important for grabbing attention, your writing should be short, to-the-point, and easy to read. It won’t help you much if you use complicated vocabulary to make it sound like an elite novel. When it comes to Facebook marketing, the goal is to acquire a click as soon as a potential client sees the ad. Make the most of your exceptional copywriting talents by providing all of the necessary information in less words.

CTAs that are effective

Why do you believe people will click on your ad if you haven’t provided them with a compelling reason to do so? Another concern is whether or not you’ve included a call to action. Nobody! No one will click on your ad if the CTA is missing or is ineffective. Give them a link to the place you want them to go and schedule an appointment with them. Without a suitable address, the lead will become disoriented in the ad and continue scrolling.

Landing Pages That Are Informative

Now that we’re talking about CTAs, the link you include in the CTA must provide all of the details your potential client may require. After your Facebook ad has gained traction, it’s your turn to provide the necessary information via your Real Estate company’s landing page. You should be able to acquire the trust of people seeking for a property if you have a good contact page, a user-friendly website, and reviews.

Keep an eye on your rivals.

After you’ve created an ad, the next step is to research other Real Estate Agents and their Facebook Marketing Campaigns. We’re not asking you to duplicate what others are doing, but it’s important to understand what works and what doesn’t. As people develop new skills, Facebook marketing is no longer restricted to visuals. Check out the animations that other Real Estate Agents are utilising to get ideas for your own copy advertising.

Keep an eye on the data.

You must monitor the Facebook Ad Analytics while your ads are running. Through Facebook Marketing, you must determine which ad produces the best results and which filters are most effective for your company.

Maintain a high Relevance Score

People who don’t comprehend your ad will nevertheless click on it, and some lost souls will unintentionally click on it. Such clicks will result in you losing money, which is why your ad needs to have a high relevancy score. The lower the relevance of the ad, the higher the CPC you’ll have to pay. Facebook ensures that advertising with a high relevance score among users are rewarded. The average CTR for an ad is 1%, and if your CTR is higher, your ad is more relevant to your target demographic.


Real estate is a business that can change from day to day, and you never know what will happen next. All you have to do now is assess the scenario and adjust your real estate digital marketing plan accordingly.

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