Effective business signage plays a crucial role in attracting new customers by creating a positive first impression, increasing visibility, and conveying the brand’s identity. 

Well-designed and strategically placed signage captures attention, communicates essential information, and establishes a strong brand presence, ultimately enticing potential customers to explore and engage with the business. With that in mind, Judson Signs provides is a straightforward guide on how to attract new customers with business signage. 

Understanding the impact of business signage 

Business signage often creates a (potential) customer’s first impression of a business. As such it plays a key role in capturing their attention and enticing them to engage with the business. Effective signage stands out from its surroundings and sends a clear message to passersby. It will typically do this by means of bold colours, striking visuals, and/or creative designs. 

Effective business signage also helps to emphasise the identity of the brand and hence improve brand recognition. This works best when elements on the signage are repeated consistently across other forms of marketing collateral. 

Types of business signage 

There are business signs to suit all types of businesses in all situations and on all budgets. Here is a quick guide to the six main types of business signage. 

Fascia signage

These signs are prominently displayed above the entrance. They generally feature the business name and logo. Sometimes they show additional information such as operating hours or contact details. 

Illuminated signage

These signs are designed with built-in lighting elements, such as LED lights or backlighting. This makes them highly visible even in low-light conditions. 

Window graphics

These signs are an effective way to leverage your front windows by using them as advertising space. Window graphics can display messages, promotions, or showcase your products or services. 

Vehicle wraps

These signs transform your company vehicles into moving billboards. Vehicle wraps cover the vehicle’s surface with eye-catching graphics, logos, and messages, effectively promoting your business as you drive around town. 

Banners and flags

These portable and lightweight signs can be easily installed and removed. They are ideal for showcasing limited-time offers, grand openings, or special events, attracting attention and creating a sense of urgency. 

Digital signs

These signs offer dynamic and interactive displays. Some even offer touchscreen features. Digital signs can be used for showcasing products, sharing engaging content, or providing real-time information. 

Choosing the right type of sign for your business 

Although there are numerous types of business signage available, the chances are that only some of them will be a good fit for your business. Here are seven key factors to consider when assessing business signage. 

Local regulations

Make sure you’re clear on what relevant stakeholders do and do not allow. In particular, check local authority bylaws and your lease (if you have one). 


Consider both the initial investment and ongoing expenses. 


Think about what the intended location of your sign means in practical terms. For example, how much visibility will it have from different angles and distances? What is its exposure to weather, wildlife and humans? How easy is it to access the sign for maintenance and/or updates? 

Specific objectives

Define the purpose of the business signage and keep this at the forefront of your mind during the evaluation process. 

Target demographic

Decide who you want to target and think about their tastes and expectations. 

Brand identity

Ensure that your signage promotes your brand rather than conflicting with it. For example, if your business has a vintage vibe, then digital signage may not be the right choice no matter how engaging it can be. 

Longevity and adaptability

As a rule of thumb, the more you need to invest in your sign the more important it is that your signage can be updated to accommodate future changes.

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