Charles Tyrwhitt has revealed which US states are the most likely to experience employee burnout in their business and the areas where people are most likely to be stressed.

The men’s business clothing retailer analyzed Google searches across the United States of America. The search volumes of 20 work and stress-related terms were collated and measured against each state’s population. Key search terms included ‘signs of burnout’, ‘stress relief office’, and ‘working from home stress’. The results were compared to quantify which state is considered as the most stressed and where employees may be experiencing the most work-related burnout.

Maryland was determined to be the burnout hotspot in the US. Residents of the Old Line State searched for work stress-related terms more than any other state. In fact, Marylanders were 45 percent more likely to search for the terms compared to the average state.

Maryland led the way in terms of work stress, while Virginia and California followed as the next most-stressed states. They searched for work stress-related terms 36 percent and 35 percent more than the average state. California was named the most stress-curious state, with the highest number of residents searching for question-based terms such as ‘what is burnout?’ and ‘what is stress?’. The state also had the most searches for ‘work related stress’ and ‘stress relief office’, demonstrating a significant affliction of employment in the Golden State.

The workplace is a high-pressure environment, and recognizing that stress and burnout are common among employees is the first step in resolving the issue. The pandemic has inevitably contributed to this; 42 percent of the US labor force worked from home full-time during the pandemic. The dramatic shift in working experiences demonstrates an increase in anxiety and stress for many workers.

The data reveals where this problem may be more prevalent. Salaries and business culture can have an effect on attitudes to work, therefore businesses should consider how their employees are reacting to the pressures and conditions of the workplace and work to address those issues.

While sharing details on the most stressed states, the data also reveals which states are the least likely to experience stress and work-related burnout. Oklahoma achieved the status of the calmest state in the US. Oklahoma searched for the terms 26 percent less than the average state.

Arkansas and Montana followed as the next least-stressed states, searching for the terms 25 percent and 22 percent less than the average state.

Workplace burnout is an issue that all workers and employers should address. Reviewing salaries, the formality of a high-pressure environment, and even employee location should be considered by business leaders as contributing factors to stress. A productive workplace can be achieved with calm, happy, and comfortable staff.

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