We have probably all been told at some point that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and there are some good reasons for this. A good breakfast can set you up for the day, boosting your metabolism, your concentration, and your mood.

However, time and the pressures of daily lives means that many of us end up skipping breakfast in favour of getting the kids to school or a few extra minutes in bed.

With this in mind, it raises the question of whether businesses should be providing a good hearty breakfast for their staff when they arrive at work. Here, Workplace Refreshments look at some of the very important reasons why this can be such a good idea.

1.      Appreciation

All employees want to feel as though they are appreciated by their bosses and the company that they work for. We can often fall into the trap of thinking that this needs to take the form of pay rises and bonuses, but it is actually smaller gestures that can mean the most. Offering a breakfast at work shows that you care about the wellbeing of your staff, you understand the pressures that they might be facing in a morning and that you appreciate what they offer to the business.

When staff members feel appreciated, they can often become more productive and it can help to increase loyalty, meaning that they are less likely to jump ship and switch to another employer.

2.      Making the most of the day

We all know how much time meetings can take up, but they can still be an essential part of what you need to do. Organising an early meeting that includes breakfast can help to ensure everyone is inclined to turn up and frees up more of your time during the day to get other tasks done.

3.      Productivity

Everyone wants their employees to be as productive as possible, and breakfast can actually play a big part in achieving this. By skipping breakfast, staff will start to become hungry as the morning goes on, and this will often slow down their work rate, and could even bring it to a standstill if they decide to take time out whilst they go hunting for snacks. A hearty breakfast on arrival at work will keep stomachs full until lunchtime and supply a steady release of energy throughout the morning that keeps people working hard without artificial highs and the inevitable crash afterwards.

4.      Punctuality

You are bound to want everyone to arrive at work on time, but this can sometimes be hard to achieve. By providing breakfast in the workplace, you are giving an added and more enjoyable incentive for people to make sure that they walk through the front door at the right time. If staff are struggling to get to work on time because they are balancing a busy schedule, providing breakfast is one way to make it easier for them as they do not need to worry about finding time to eat before they leave the house.

5.      Team building

A team breakfast can be a fun experience and is a great opportunity to do some team building. It provides a relaxed environment before people have time to get bogged down in the stresses of the day. It allows employees from different departments to mix and gives people chance to discuss matters face to face and bounce ideas of one another in a more casual setting.

This can help to build stronger links between individuals and departments, which can only make for better working relationships.

6.      Diet

With a range of intolerances on the rise and more people turning towards vegan and vegetarian lifestyles, breakfast can be a minefield. By providing it for people, you can show that you care about their needs and take a little bit of their stress away.

7.      Health

The health of your staff is vital, but it is not something that it is easy for many employers to influence. However, by providing a healthy breakfast, you can play a small part in it.

Not only are you providing something nutritious for the day ahead, but you are also helping staff members to avoid giving into temptation by keeping the sugar cravings later in the morning at bay.

With your staff able to make healthier choices for themselves, their overall health can gradually improve, meaning a happy workforce and one that needs less time off sick.

8.      Variety

Variety is the spice of life but many of us tend to fall into a rut. If you look at the breakfast you have this morning, it was probably the same as yesterday, the rest of the week and even the rest of the year. Especially in a morning, we tend to do what is quick and easy without giving too much thought to it. This can soon make it boring and uninspiring, which is often what makes us start to skip the meal entirely.

Offering breakfast options at work helps people to mix it up a little. Instead of the usual dull cereal or toast, they might go for a croissant, some fruit or a bowl of granola. There is a sense of fun in thinking about what will be on offer today, and there can be growing anticipation that actually makes people excited to get to work.

9.      Catering

You might be worried about the time and effort that needs to go into providing breakfast for your staff, so taking on a catering option can make life easier. This allows you to let someone else take the strain and ensures that you are providing your staff with good quality food, a range of choices and options which take different dietary needs into account.

It is said that an army marches on its stomach, and your employees do too. Providing a breakfast for your staff can help to build a happy, healthy and hard-working team with something as simple as some toast, pastries and a big pot of coffee.

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