Paid advertising often results in real returns. In fact, industry statistics suggest that you can expect almost a 200% return on your investment into this marketing medium. If PPC isn’t part of your current digital marketing mix, with returns like those, it’s hard to overlook it as part of the mix, but before you invest in any strategy, it can pay off to learn a bit more about it.

What is PPC?

PPC stands for “Pay Per Click.” In this online advertising model, online searchers are sent a number of paid results for particular searches. If your ad is sent to online searchers, you’ll only pay for that ad when someone clicks on it. Typically, Google shows PPC ads near the top of each search page. These ads sometimes show up along the sides of search queries as well. Advertisers bid for given search terms, then their ads appear with certain queries. Once your ad is clicked on, you pay your bid amount.

Why Invest in PPC?

There are actually several reasons you may want to consider adding PPC to your current digital marketing efforts. One of the biggest is that PPC is both measurable and trackable in a way that other digital advertising efforts simply aren’t. In fact, typically you can see the number of impressions every one of your ads got, the number of clicks it got, and even the number of conversions. More than that, though, PPC advertising is a fast way to jump into a market with just a few simple steps. While obtaining organic ad traffic is absolutely essential, the reality is that SEO efforts can take up to six months to pay off. If you’re late to the game, you don’t have time to wait for your efforts to show real profit. PPC ads, though, can quickly get your brand in front of many people without the wait and for very little cash.

The Benefits of Outsourcing PPC Services

Convinced PPC is the way to go? You may want to outsource your campaign to PPC services. Not sure why you wouldn’t just tackle this task by yourself? Take a look at the three top reasons.

1 – Experience: PPC platforms like Google ads can be downright overwhelming. If you don’t want to waste time on becoming a field expert just to do more with your advertising, working with a company that offers a bit of help with PPC is the right way to go. They can help you learn who to target, how to target them, and how to make the most of your overall ad budget very quickly.

2 – Better Conversions: Studies have shown that those working with PPC experts are going to get better conversion rates at the beginning of their campaigns. Thanks to an expert’s understanding of what keyword terms might work best and what kind of ad copy and landing page copy tends to convert, you’re going to get real results almost immediately.

3 – Faster Scale: Imagine your campaign helps you take off really quickly. If you want to scale up your campaign to reach more people, you may not be able to do that fast enough on your own without increasing your overall cost per click. There are good ways to scale up a campaign to see better results, and there are ways to scale up a campaign that’s only going to cost you more money. Working with experienced PPC campaign services is the best way to scale up without the additional costs.

PPC campaigns are one of the single best way to target customers whether you’re just getting started, you have an established base, or you’re trying to break into a completely different market. The reality, though, is that your best bet if you’re ready to add PPC to the mix is to work with an experienced team of professionals, as then you can avoid costly clicks that don’t convert particularly well. PPC services means you’ll get the ROI you want without the added marketing costs that you want to avoid. Choose professional help for this kind of digital advertising, and you will see the pay off as you move your campaign forward.

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