Over the past couple of years, we have seen a huge rise in the level of online education available. This has been in part due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to more and more being done virtually. During lockdowns while campuses had to close their doors and operate virtually as much as possible for the majority of students, the world began to have a realisation that it is now possible to do things online just as effectively as we can do them in person. However, online learning is nothing new. There are various institutions across the UK that have been offering online learning courses for several years, providing students with a more flexible approach to learning that they can do at home. Whether you are considering going to university for the first time or are thinking about returning to university to get an advanced degree to improve your CV and advance your career, there are many great reasons to consider getting your degree online. Here are some of the main benefits of choosing an online degree course.

Save Money

With the cost of getting a university degree rising, it’s no surprise that students are choosing online degree courses as an option to save money as a student. This is especially true if you are interested in getting an advanced degree like a doctor of business administration online from Aston University, as tuition fees can vary more depending on where you study at an advanced level. Although you shouldn’t expect there to be a huge difference, if any difference at all when it comes to the tuition costs studying online versus studying in the classroom, there are several ways that online students can save money on other costs. For example, since you will be getting your degree studying from home, you don’t need to worry about the cost of commuting to the campus on public transport or by car – something that can certainly add up and cost more than you realise over time.

Bigger Course Choice

If you need to remain living where you are and want to get a degree, then this would seriously limit your options before more online degree courses became available. The option to get your degree online means that it doesn’t really matter how far away the campus is, as you don’t need to go there for lessons. This means that people who would otherwise have a very narrow range of options available to them locally have the opportunity to explore a larger choice of courses from universities in different areas. This can make it much easier for you to get the degree that you want if you need to stay in your current job or have a family to look after while you are studying, for example. The growing range of online degree courses that are now becoming available means that it is easier than ever for anybody to find and get started with the degree that they want.

Continue Working

One of the main things that might be putting you off going for it and getting your degree or advanced degree is the idea of having to cut down your working hours or even give up work completely for between one to four years depending on what you are studying. People have bills to pay, and it might not be realistic for you to work less or take a career break while you improve your education. The beauty of online learning is that many degree courses are completely flexible. This gives you the chance to log in and access lessons and other learning resources on your own time rather than committing to be there at times set by the university. This self-led option for study means that it is often much easier to continue working while getting your degree. It can also help you save money on the overall cost of your degree since the opportunity cost, or the amount you’ll lose while studying due to having to reduce your work hours, will be much lower compared to studying in a traditional classroom.

Go at Your Pace

Online degree courses do tend to be more flexible, although there are some options that are run like a traditional classroom-based degree if that is what you prefer. The good news is that thanks to the flexible options that are available, you can find a degree that is easier for you to take at your own pace if you feel that this might be a better option for you. For example, some universities that offer online degree courses simply give you a time limit for how long you have to finish the degree, and the rest is up to you. So, if you find that the work is overwhelming and need to take some time out to get other things together before returning, you can do this without it having an impact on your overall education or your student status – the course will be there to return to when you are ready. On the other hand, if you want to get a degree as quickly as possible, you can work through some courses faster as well.

Develop Transferable Skills

Along with being a flexible option that is ideal for anybody who wants or needs to continue full-time while working, and a great way to study at a university that you might have struggled to get to otherwise, online courses come with the opportunity to develop a wide range of transferable skills that are going to help you succeed in any future career that you choose. When you are studying online and managing your own time at home, you will develop many desirable soft skills like organisation and time management. Working on projects with other students can also be an ideal way to build and develop your remote working communication skills – something that is in increasing demand today as remote and hybrid working becomes the new normal.

As the world adjusts to getting more done online, the popularity of online degree courses is only growing, and it’s easy to see why.

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