Building on past British successful innovations, Yorkshire based digital media and theatre company, 2b Acting, is pleased to be the lead pioneers in a new branch of video productions with the release of their 360 Interactive sitcom, Gym BS.

The first film, “The Roundhay Garden Scene,” was filmed in Leeds, England in 1888 by inventor Louis LePrince. It marked the start of a legacy for the North to which the first release of a 360 Interactive sitcom can be added.

The North East of England is well known for inventions and innovations that are responsible for changing the world we live in. Soda Water invented in 1772 by Joseph Priestley began in a brewery in Leeds. Cement, invented by Leeds bricklayer Joseph Aspdin in 1824, changed construction forever. Even the humble cat’s eye that mark out lanes and pavements to traffic travelling at night was invented by Halifax resident Percy Shaw in 1933.

“We are a small not-for-profit organisation that enjoys pushing-boundaries in order to develop new opportunities for artists.“, says David Jones, 2b Acting’s founder. “Having access to the talent and support that resides in the North of England has proved invaluable in creating this first.”

360 Interactive is where the viewer can move the viewpoint 360 Degrees to watch various parts of what is playing. The interactivity is, specific content when viewed can trigger events, such as displaying additional information or jumping to different places. The viewing experience is very different to watching ordinary videos and introduces a real change to the world.

Additionally, the production establishes a resource in the heart of Leeds City centre for freelance artists desperately in need of initiatives that can lead to sustainable employment in their fields. For this reason alone, the company is hopeful for the sitcom’s success.

The 360 Interactive sitcom is a satirical current affairs comedy and episodes will be released monthly starting in March, on InView. It will need to find an audience as it is not yet known how quickly 360 Interactive productions will take to gain traction with the public. However, it is commendable that the pioneering spirit of the North is alive and well.

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